Mining, oil, nuclear, chemical, drilling and military sectors

These specific fields require elevated standards in terms of accuracy, lightweight tools and handiness: that’s exactly what the Jekko minicranes offer.

Here are some examples with our minicranes

mini gru per il settore militare

Electric, hydroelectric & nuclear power plant

Specific works that require high standards of precision, lightness and manoeuvrability such as those guaranteed by the Jekko mini-cranes. Our mini-cranes with battery powered (standard or lithium) or electric single-phase or three-phase electric motors allow working inside plants in “eco mode,” which is fundamental in these industries.

SKILLS: Electric/Battery motors, Virtual Wall, Use of Jib

Mini gru Jekko Hocap Norway

Underground & Tunnel

The compactness of the Jekko mini-cranes and their easy transportability and handling allows them to work inside underground tunnels, subways, water and electric lines where spaces are limited.

SKILLS: Virtual Wall, Easy moving, Electric/battery-powered engines

mini gru esercito

Army & military

The compact size of the Jekko mini-cranes makes them ideal for working directly on military helicopters, even in remote locations and under any condition. Their reliability and safety also allow them to be used in military factories for the production or maintenance of military machinery and vehicles.

SKILLS: Full EN13000, Radio remote control, Army Certification

Mini gru Jekko oil & gas

Oil & gas industry

Speed, adaptability and flexibility of use makes the Jekko mini-cranes the best choice for the oil and gas industry. The ATEX versions allow working on platforms in complete safety.

SKILLS: ATEX Certification, Compactness, Safety

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