Jekko Team: The allies in your most challenging worksites

The allies in your most challenging worksites

You won’t ever feel lonely as long as Jekko is with you. Crane operators and companies can rely on our experienced and responsive organization. There’s no mission impossible if you have reliable allies by your side.

Diego Tomasella
CEO & President
Administration & Human Resources
Silvia Guido
Ilenia Tonon
Human Resources Manager
Riccardo Todaro
Anna Coden
Executive Assistant
Sales & Marketing
Alberto Franceschini
Sales & Marketing Director
Alessio Forcolin
Export Area Manager
Marco Piccin
Export Area Manager
Debra Zambon
Sales Administration
Sara Dazzi
Sales Back Office
Valentina Chiarotto
Valentina Chiarotto
Marketing Manager
Antonio Steffan
Marketing Assistant
Samuel Panza
Product Marketing Specialist
After-Sales & Quality
Igor Pachera
Product Manager
Massimiliano Paier
Quality Control Manager
Silvia Della Coletta
Spare Parts Back Office Manager
Enrico Tresoldi
After Sales Operations Manager
Mauro Tonon
Operations Director
Alessandro Cattai
Planning Manager
Federico De Stefani
Purchasing Manager
Andrea Garoffolo
Supply Chain Manager
Alan Rover
Plant Manager - Steel Dept.
Mario Di Nucci
Plant Manager - Assembly Dept.
Alessia Botteon
Alessia Botteon
Shipping Officer
Jekko Innovation Center
Marco Zava
R&D Technical Director
Alessandro Termini
R&D Technical Supervisor
Enrico Spampinato
Electrical Dept. Manager
Francesco Nichele
Software Dept. Manager
Fjorim Ferus
Custom Equipment Product Manager
Marina Manfè
Project Officer
Damiano Dal Cin
Operations Manager
Diego Peri
Custom Equipment After-sales