The company - Jekko

Minicranes, big challenges.

Treviso, Italy. In the heart of Italy’s north-eastern production pole, in an environment of Italian manufacturing excellence, a company has developed a new concept to handle large loads: the minicrane. The dream of all crane operators: working in narrow places and extreme conditions with a machine having reduced weight and size yet featuring an elevated reach and loading capacity. No such power ever was in their hands.

Our philosophy
The identikit of a super power: why Jekko?

We’ve named it Jekko because this minicrane – just like a gecko – grabs onto surfaces with suction cups similar to toe pads, it climbs everywhere, it’s stable when still and fast when moving.

  1. It passes where the others can’t
  2. It reaches out wherever the load is
  3. It lifts much more than you think
  4. It protects its parts
  5. Even weight distribution
  6. Safe and precise movements by the centimetre
  7. Better reach in case of obstacles
  8. Also electrically powered
  9. The remote control allows for safe operations
Our promise
We design and manufacture cutting-edge load lifting machines to be used in worksites.

But there’s much more…
It’s not just a matter of supplying sector operators with breakthrough cranes and minicranes: it’s about relating to their professional issues and wishes, and helping them in any venture, be it large or small. Jekko enters their world, share the weight of their responsibilities and stand by them to make their work lighter.

Servizio post-vendita
Research & Development
Jekko Innovation Center

Force doesn’t come by chance. It has to be designed to become a skill.
That’s what happens with JIC, the R&D centre where we develop new cranes ready to work in extreme conditions. Our engineers and skilled workers take a step into the future and prototype all the ideas that hit their mind while some we have already manufactured, first in our sector.

Discover JIC
Italian pride
In the arena with crane operators since 1972.
The story of Jekko
The Jekko team
The allies in your most challenging worksites

You won’t ever feel lonely as long as Jekko is with you. Crane operators and companies can rely on our experienced and responsive organization. There’s no mission impossible if you have reliable allies by your side.

Diego Tommasella
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President.
Silvia Guido
Administration Manager
Ilenia Tonon
Human Resources Manager
Alberto Franceschini
Director of Sales & Marketing
Igor Pachera
After-Sales & Product Manager
Mauro Tonon
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Marco Zava
Technical Director of Research & Development