SPX1280 - Jekko
Minicrane SPX1280

Crawler crane, reduced stabilization area, 8 ton max capacity, 26,6 m max working height, 2 ton pick & carry: a mini crane with unique features which make it incomparable on the market.

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Max load (KILOGRAM)
Max height (METER)
Max radius (METER)
Dimensions (MILLIMETER)
1450 x 2040 x 5850
/ electric
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Download the technical sheet where you'll find all the details
Data sheet
Data sheet
Crane Carrier Interlock (CCI)
This system interlocks the functions of the crane and of the carrier.
360° continuois rotation on slew ring
Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC)
Onboard diagnostic system for troubleshooting.
Hydraulic oil cooler
Tower Lamp
Tower lights (green/yellow/red) to signal errors and alarms
Plug&Play attachments
Once connected, tools are automatically detected by the LMI and load charts are updated.
Extendable Tracks (EXT)
Radio remote-control
Radio remote-control with a software developed by Jekko, which makes the crane extremely easy to use.
Radio Control with Display (RCD)
Radio remote control with display showing all the machine information.
Pick & Carry (P&C)
The machine can move on its tracks while the load is lifted up.
Geometrical Stability Control (GSC)
It shows the position of each single outrigger and operating sector.
Variable Displacement Piston Pump
LED Working Light
Light positioned on the boom for operation at night
Load And Moment Indicator (LMI)
The LMI prevents overload or tipping of the machine.
Anti to Block (A2B)
This switch prevents the hook from blocking or from beign pulled against the boom's tip.
Virtual Walls (VW)
Crane Multi Speed (CMS)
OPTIONAL FOR Minicrane SPX1280
Add tools for your work.
Single line hook
Hook for single line pull of the rope
Low Marking White Tracks
For indoor operation.
Jekko on the field
Installation of glass façades on skyscrapers Russia
Glazing Zaryadye Park's Façade
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Outdoor in hard-to-reach areas ITALY
Lift systems maintenance on high-altitude mountains
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