Jekko Innovation Center

Jekko Innovation Center

Force doesn’t come by chance. It has to be designed to become a skill.

That’s what happens with JIC, the R&D centre where we develop new cranes ready to work in extreme conditions. Our engineers and skilled workers take a step into the future and prototype all the ideas that hit their mind while some we have already manufactured, first in our sector.

Pioneers of the industry
Innovation for Mini Cranes

Thanks to JIC, we were among the first to introduce certain concepts into mini cranes that were previously exclusive to traditional cranes, and over time, have become standard practices.

Hydraulic jibs

Fitted on minicranes that pass through a single-leaf door or equipped with 3 hydraulic extensions for a 1500-kg lifting capacity.


Designed to extend up to 45°, they increase the stability of the machine in travel mode and make it glide on ramps.

Two-speed system

The 2ST (Two Speed Tracks) system adapts the track speed when in operation mode.

Geometric stability

The minicrane calculates the best angles for higher flexibility and larger operating space.

Pick & Carry

The Jekko minicranes fitted with P&C need no stabilization and can move around with a lifted load.

Plug & Play

Automatic detection of the tools installed and update of the loading charts.

The Jekko team

This is the Jekko Innovation Center. Here, the future is born.

Marco Zava
Director of Technical Research & Development
Alessandro Termini
Technical Research & Development Supervisor
Enrico Spampinato
Manager of Electrical Design
Francesco Nichele
Software Development Manager
Marina Manfè
Project Officer