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Jekko official sponsor of Pool Prealpi Aurora Volleyball’s Under-17 team
We are proud to announce with great enthusiasm the partnership between Jekko and the Pool Prealpi Aurora Volley’s Under 17 volleyball team from Godega di Sant’Urbano (where Jekko’s production is located – Ed.). This partnership marks a significant step in Jekko’s commitment to supporting youth talent and promoting sport locally. The team, already known for its dedication and team spirit, is preparing to take the ball with Jekko’s support, bringing fresh energy and the pride of wearing the logo of a brand that shares a passion for excellence. This synergy aims not only to strengthen the bond between the company and the local community, but will also help shape the future of young talents, inspiring them to reach new heights in the world of sport and beyond. Pool Prealpi Aurora Volleyball looks forward to the season ahead with optimism with the support of Jekko, confident that this partnership will bring extraordinary results.
We’ll be at GIS 2023 – Italy
GIS – Italian Lifting and Transports Days 2023 is the trade fair to be held from 5 to 7 October 2023 in Piacenza and which will see Jekko once again among its exhibitors. On this occasion we will be exhibiting our models at STAND N137, measuring 391 m2 and located in the outdoor area. The models on display will be, for the SPX line of telescopic mini cranes, in a lithium-ion battery version: SPX328, the latest model launched on the market by Jekko, present in two models, equipped respectively with electric jib and runner jib SPX532 equipped with hydraulic jib SPX650 equipped with hydraulic jib The JF line of tracked articulated mini cranes will be presented: JF235, one of the latest models launched on the market, equipped with jib JF545 equipped with jib and two-seater basket JF990, the largest of all Jekko mini cranes For the Accessories line, finally, the 5-10-20 tonne lifting beams will be on display, used for industrial handling and lifting of manufactured goods, they can extend telescopically. The Minipicker line, as for the last edition, will be on display at the stand of LEVO S.r.l., Jekko’s official dealer present at the fair at stand L93-M97 in the outdoor area. MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display.   Don’t miss the opportunity to see the mini cranes in live action during demonstrations at the stand! We look forward to welcoming you at the fair and giving you all the information you may need. Register here to get your free ticket and visit us at GIS 2023!   GET YOUR FREE TICKET HERE  
Step into the future at APEX 2023
Jekko will attend the 10th edition of APEX Another important trade fair event for Jekko, which from 6 to 8 June will be taking part, together with more than 150 exhibitors, in the tenth edition of APEX, held at the MECC trade fair complex in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The 120 m2 of stand no. 640, located in the indoor exhibition area, will host the following Jekko models: Mini cranes from the SPX line will be showcased in an electric-powered version with: SPX328 a crane with a maximum capacity of 2800kg launched on the market last October with its completely revolutionary user interface on a 10” touch screen. SPX532 and SPX650 of a larger size and now established as flagship products, with a maximum capacity of 3200kg and 5000kg. For the minipickers range, the MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display. Respectively, the two mini-pickers with a maximum capacity of 600 and 900 kg, which can be used both as a crane with hook and glass robot thanks to the manipulator with vacuum pads. The JVM800 will not be missing from the Accessories line. This is the glass manipulator with a maximum capacity of 800 kg, which can be installed on any type of crane and is equipped with an independent radio control for maneuvering.   REGISTER HERE TO GET A FREE TICKET   Throughout the three days of the fair, the Jekko team will be at your complete disposal to introduce you to the best innovations applied to their models and advise you on what is most suitable for you.      
Jekko announces a new business partnership with the Slovenian company Marex d.o.o. Marex is a specialized supplier of complete solutions in the field of technological equipment for the production of roof plumbing elements and roofing systems. They have been supplying their entire range of products to craft businesses and the industrial sector for over 25 years, mainly to customers in the Balkan region. Marex solutions include quality and leading brands offering the best solution for the customers. Hence the choice in 2023 to also start cooperating with Jekko and to introduce minicranes on the Slovenian market. Alessio Forcolin, Sales Area Manager for Jekko, comments: “We are delighted to have embarked on this commercial collaboration in Slovenia, a fast-growing market where Marex, with their decades of experience, will certainly be able to promote our machinery and Jekko technologies.”
Year 2023 kicks off with Jekko’s taking part to the US most important exhibition in the construction industry: Conexpo, North America’s largest trade show. The event will be held in Las Vegas on March 14-18, 2023. Fascan International, Jekko’s official dealer in the United States, will represent the Italian company and will put on display as many as 11 products – among which the brand new SPX328, JF235 and MPK20R models launched on the market last October 2022 – on a 1,672 sqm exhibition area.   DON’T MISS TO SEE THE FOLLOWING MACHINES The visitors of the F9627 stand will get to see several models for each Jekko product line. In the SPX telescopic crawler crane line, Jekko will put on display models SPX328, SPX532, SPX650. SPX328 is Jekko’s new entry model, a crawler crane weighing 2,300kg, featuring a maximum load capacity of 2,800kg, a maximum height with main boom of 10.5m and with jib of 12.8m. This machine is 2.95-m long, 1.61-m high and 73-cm wide, and it is powered by lithium-ion batteries. This cutting-edge model is fitted with a user-friendly radio remote control and a revolutionary user interface accessible on a 10” interactive touchscreen featuring an IP67 Protection Rating for operation in any yard and in no matter what weather conditions. This system guides the operator step by step during all stages of use. This crane is equipped with the first 100% electric jib totally independent from the minicrane hydraulics and operated with a dedicated radio control. As for the articulated crawler cranes of the JF line, visitors will see the JF235, JF545 and JF990 models. JF235 is the newest and smallest bi-energy powered model of the range: 4.74-m long, 1.6-m wide and 2.6-m high, it features a main boom and a jib, each with 4 extensions, and delivers the same performance of the larger JF models, lifting up to 6.150kg and reaching as far as 16m high with its main boom and 25m high with its jib. The JF235 is equipped with the same 7” touchscreen of the SPX328 which makes it easy to configure the crane parameters before starting operation. In the MPK minipicker line, the models MPK06, MPK10 and MPK20R will be on display. The MPK20R is the new version of the MPK20 electric minipicker. 2,390 x 1,510 x 880-mm in size, it is powered by batteries. It weighs 1,955 kg and has a maximum capacity of 2 tons, reaching as high as 6.5 m. The main boom features a manual extension in addition to two hydraulic extensions in order to hoist as much as 850 kg at a maximum reachable height of 7 m. The major innovations are the turret rotating +/-6° on both sides and the possible installation of a 600-kg or 990-kg glass manipulator. It is fitted with a radio control and a 5” display for a unique working experience. As for the tool line, the vacuum lifters models JVL450 and JVL600, having a maximum lifting capacity of 450 and 600 kg, respectively, will be on display.   JEKKO USA IS LIFTING AUTISM AWARENESS – FUNDRAISING FOR THE KENNEDY KRIEGER INSTITUTE
Exceptional success at Bauma 2022
The Bauma trade fair proved to be a standout success for Jekko, which brought no less than 3 new products to this 33rd edition of the fair with the re-modelling of its product range. Over the years Jekko worked hard to present cranes developed to be easy to understand and use, user-friendly, and that still kept the environmental-friendly feature, as with previous models. We were very honored to see how much our products were well appreciated by the hundreds of visitors at the fair.   Four lines with four products each, this is the new concept!   The complete product range include: SPX line with new SPX328, SPX532, SPX650 and SPX1280 JF line with new JF235, JF365, JF545 and JF990 MPK line with MPK06, MPK10, new MPK20R and MPK50 Vacuum&Tools line with JVL450 and JVL600 vacuum lifters, JVM800R glass manipulator, JIB500GR grabber and 5-10-20 tons lifting beams.   This Bauma 2022 is just a new starting point from which to develop cutting-edge ideas and products that we will be happy to share with you. We would like to thank all the people who came to visit us and spent some of their time with us! See you at Bauma 2025!    
New SPX328
As the result of years spent in market analysis, research and development, the new SPX328 is a cutting-edge machine that offers a smooth User Experience even for beginners. With this new model, the Italian company unveils a modern, innovative, convenient and handy product that requires minimum training and guides the operator through the different working phases, streamlining the processes and turning even the most difficult operation into something easy to perform. From stabilization to operation, the operator is easily steered throughout his work. The screen of this model, where the operator is guided step by step to set the parameters of his experience, is the quintessence of the User-Friendly concept. This is the major element of the SPX328, designed and developed for both entry-level operators and skilled users.   FEATURES The brand-new design of the SPX328 proposes soft and rounded lines yet it holds to Jekko’s typically engaging boxy style. This is a crawler minicrane stands in the category that can easily drive through standard doorways with a maximum capacity of 2800 kg, powered by LiFe-PO4 210Ah lithium-ion batteries. SPX328 is the first minicrane worldwide equipped with an electric jib – with a 500-kg maximum lifting capacity   INNOVATION An onboard 10” interactive touchscreen – featuring an IP67 Protection Rating for operation in any yard and in no matter what weather conditions, from low to high temperatures, under the sun and the snow, even when using work gloves – interacts with the crane via the Jekko Touch Experience system, that guides the operator step by step in order to configure the crane before starting operation, and has tutorials that can be watched on the display. A radio remote control included as standard equipment and the HOOK Recovery system: the automatic block stowing system for multiple pulls. An advanced radio-remote-controlled self-levelling system levels the crane in an independent way so that it positions correctly no matter how the stabilizers are placed and also on uneven ground. Another system this model is fitted with is the Kick Down system, that detects the travel operation depending on how the levers are used and allows for a higher speed during drive exceeding the maximum standard speed of the crane.   The SPX328 is the outcome of a know-how developed over years of experience, empathy and attention for the dynamics of the market and its evolution. The world changes and Jekko changes as well, adapting and improving its machines, heading to the future and targeting eco-friendliness.  
After the success gathered in 2019, Jekko won’t miss out on Bauma 2022, which will take place in Munich on October 24th through 30th. Our exhibition space (outdoor area FS, booth 903/6) will spread out on a 512-sqm surface that will be set up with 5 containers in line to result into two-floor structure housing offices for meetings, a hospitality zone and a reception-living area where customers and dealers will be greeted. The containers that will be used have been salvaged and refurbished on purpose for this show and will be later installed in our headquarters in Italy and destined to become a new customer training area thus sticking to our corporate sustainability scheme, developed in 2021 and implemented since January 2022. Jekko’s machines on display at Bauma are designed and developed to be user-friendly, that is easy to use and to understand, suitable to be used by both beginner and skilled operators. The entire Jekko range can always be operated in electric mode as all the machines on display at Bauma will show: the SPX minicrane line is powered by lithium-ion batteries, the MPK minipicker range has acid-lead batteries while the JF articulated crawler cranes are bi-energy machines combining a diesel engine with an electric motor. Bauma 2022 will also be a showcase for the latest additions in each line of models: the SPX328 in the SPX range that will be officially unveiled on September 20th; the JF235 in the JF line; the MPK10 and MPK20R in the minipicker range. Jekko will also showcase other models from the above lines: Minipickers: MPK06 and MPK10 fitted with their manipulator SPX: SPX532 equipped with JVM800, SPX650 set up with tools JIB500GR and SPX1280 JF: JF545 with 2-man basket and JF990 Tools: suction cups JVL450 and JVL600 with trolley, manipulator JVM800, JIB500GR and 5-, 10-, 20-ton lifting beams. For this 33rd edition of the show, Jekko focuses on innovation and progress, two crucial values for the challenges that the company has decided to tackle in the current years in order to strengthen its position as sector leading player.
Nuremberg 12th to 15th July 2022 – FENSTERBAU FRONTALE
Fensterbau Frontale is scheduled for July and Jekko won’t miss the chance after exhibiting in 2018. Taking part in this show is a not-to-be-missed showcase for the products dedicated to the glass sector. Jekko will be an exhibitor in hall 4A-317 with a 73-sqm stand and will put on display an electric-powered SPX532 equipped with a JVM800 vacuum manipulator for glass panes, an MPK06 minipicker and the new entry MPK10 – both fitted with vacuum manipulators for glass panes – as well as the JVL450 and JVL600 vacuum lifters with their dedicated trolley for laying-up and transport. All these models and their tools are the company’s flagship products dedicated to the glass pane handling and fitting sector. The Treviso-based company offers a wide range of machinery designed for glass pane fitting. Minicranes and minipickers have reduced weight and compact dimensions, are easy to transport and stabilize, and can be fitted and integrated with a glass pane manipulator or a vacuum lifter to become machines ideal to operate in confined spaces and in the top floors of a building. The minicranes used in the construction of skyscrapers are an example. These cranes can operate and be stabilized on the top floors so that glass facade fitting at lower floors is fast and simple. Glass panes can even be lifted from the ground floor up to the floor where they’re needed by means of a radio remote controlled winch. On the other hand, minipickers have a right/left turret rotation of at least +/- 9° making them the sole pick&carry lifters that – when equipped with a 360° continuous rotation, tilt and swing glass manipulator – can drive through narrow places with a panel placed on their side keeping it within the crane loading gauge. Glass pane fitting is controlled via a wire control or a radio control. These machines can be fitted with tools such as hydraulic or electric manipulators or vacuum lifters for glass pane handling. Battery-powered hydraulic manipulators are used for an accurate fitting of glass panes and are faster and more effective of vacuum lifters since they’re radio remote controlled by an operator, can move in all four directions and can also tilt and rotate for a precise and careful positioning of the glass panes. Vacuum lifters are used with any crane fitted with a hookblock lifting system to move glass panes in a fast and safe way. Here follow the main characteristics of the products that will be on display at the show. Characteristics of the SPX532 minicrane Max capacity: 3200 kg Lithium-ion battery-powered Hookblock or rope operating mode Can work in pick&carry mode 45° extensible tracks 1,250 possible stabilization configurations Characteristics of the MPK06 minipicker Max capacity: 600 kg Lead-acid battery-powered JVM06 manipulator (600-kg max capacity) Manipulator continuous rotation, tilt and swing +/- 10° turret rotation Wire control on board Characteristics of the MPK10 minipicker Max capacity: 990 kg Lead-acid battery-powered JVM10 manipulator (990-kg max capacity) Can be equipped with JVM06 manipulator Manipulator continuous rotation, tilt and swing +/- 9° turret rotation Wire control on board ad optional radio control Characteristics of the JVM800 glass manipulator Max capacity: 800 kg Battery-powered Suction cups: 4 + 2 + 2 100% integrated with Jekko minicranes and software Dedicated remote control Can be installed on any crane Characteristics of the JVL600 vacuum lifter Max capacity: 600 kg Battery-powered Suction cups: 4 + 2 Hook operating mode Dedicated remote control