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Jekko doubles up at GIS 2021
GIS, the only Italian event dedicated to the users of cranes, AWP, industrial handling equipment, and heavy transport, will occur as usual in Piacenza from the 7th to the 9th of October 2021. Jekko will expose a wide range of products, receiving its visitors in two new areas. The main stand, number N28 outdoor, will display Jekko foremost mini-cranes, with the two families SPX and JF. The stand A20/B19, in the indoor pavilion N1, is for industrial applications and tools. The outside booth will see the presence of SPX532, the 3.2-ton best seller, SPX650, the 5-ton mini-crane presented in July 2020, and SPX1280, with its maximum lifting capacity of 8 tons. These three machines can mount lithium batteries or diesel engines to give the operator more versatility. Representing the JF family, there will be JF545, an articulated crane successful in Italy and abroad thanks to its performances, and JF990, able to lift a maximum of 21500 kg. MPK50, the industrial mini-picker, will occupy the limelight of the indoor stand, together with Jekko lifting accessories. The tools catalogue includes the vacuum lifters JVL450 and JVL600, the manipulators JVM800R for glass and slates, and JIB500GR for iron bars. Not to forget the lifting beams in three sizes, 5, 10 and 20 tons. During the eighth edition of GIS, Jekko will also present MPK10, the new 1-ton mini-picker that will expand the glass-handling range with the praised MPK06. The latest model will appear at the Italian mini-picker dealer LEVO stand, number L2/M1b (outdoor), renamed ORION06 and ORION10. Visitors can also spot some Jekko cranes in other customer’s stands throughout the exhibition.
New SPX650 conquers the Netherlands
Jekko’s dealer Hocap received the first unit of new SPX650 to be delivered in the Netherlands  The new multifaceted mini crane SPX650 has landed in the Dutch market. With a maximum reachable height of 23.5 m, compact dimensions, a lithium battery power supply, cutting edge stabilisation and hydraulic systems, the new 5-ton mini crane had already captured the attention of the international market after the official launch last year. After the first tests with the machine, Hocap comments: “We are proud of having the first unit of SPX650 in the Netherlands! The machine is characterized by its elegant Italian design, its high safety standards and embodies all the latest major innovations. Literally every function of the crane can be controlled from the radio remote control. Furthermore, this Jekko has a boom that every crane operator is dreaming about. This new model is fully in line with the SPX532 and both machines stand for a new generation of mini cranes, achieving the maximum performance”.  SPX650 embodies the most advanced technical solutions: it can count on a sophisticated hydraulic system by Danfoss, 100% electronically-operated, which allows smooth and accurate crane movements, and on a new stabilisation system for endless operating configurations. The crane features also a new 1.2 tons hydraulic jib with 3 extensions and a new 2 tons runner jib. Last but not least, SPX650 is equipped with a custom designed 48 V lithium battery pack which allows unchanged and constant performance even in case of intense use with heavy loads and the possibility of operating indoor without any kind of emission. Looking ahead to the next steps, Hocap adds: “In the upcoming months we will present this new model to the market with demo and events. We believe that the new 5-ton mini crane has many chances to succeed in the Dutch market and will stand out in the lift and handling sector”.
Jekko expands in Denmark with Stiholt Hydraulic
The first weeks of 2021 have brought important news at Jekko. The Treviso-based mini cranes producer has just signed a new dealership agreement with the Danish company Stiholt Hydraulic, 30-year-old company of Stiholt Group, specialised in sale and assistance for Scania and from 1st February 2021 for Fassi cranes too.. Mr. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko Sales Director, expresses full satisfaction about the new partnership too: “Central and Northern Europe is a really strategic area for Jekko, it is an established market but still with a great potential. Some Jekko machines were already sold in Denmark in the past, but due to the lack of a dealer our presence was not as strong as wished. For this reason this new partnership is extremely important for us, we have big expectations and we believe Stiholt will give customers the proper support”.
A step forward in the German market with Jekko Deutschland
Jekko is glad to announce the establishment of a new subsidiary in Germany: the company will be named Jekko Deutschland and will allow a more widespread presence in the German speaking areas. 15 years have already passed since the first Jekko mini crane landed in Germany. From that moment on, the German market has become increasingly important and now Jekko mini cranes are widely appreciated, also thanks to the precious work of NordKran, Jekko’s official dealer for Germany and Austria in the past five years. The strategic importance gained by the market and the wish of having a more direct supervision of the German speaking areas led Jekko to the decision of establishing a subsidiary in Germany, named Jekko Deutschland and headquartered in Witten. Besides Jekko, the new company has two other shareholders: Mr. Carsten Bielefeld, formerly Sales Agent at NordKran, and Mr. Andreas Krome of Lift Service Krome, which manages Jekko after sales services in Germany. NordKran will keep on supporting Jekko as a dealer in Northern Germany.
Jekko merchandising is online!
We are proud to announce that the new e-commerce section with the complete merchandising line is now available on our website: on jekko.xdev/en/merchandising/ a rich proposal ranging from apparel, accessories and gadgets up to a crane scale model is ready to be discovered and bought comfortably from home. This merchandising line addresses our vast network of operators, dealers and fans all over the world and aims at bringing Jekko in their everyday life, fostering brand awareness and sense of belonging to Jekko world. We selected comfortable, practical and fresh style clothing, both for adults and for children, together with useful accessories and gadgets, all marked with the unique and unmistakable “KK” logo and company colours. All these characteristics perfectly match with the spirit and values of Jekko, always committed in offering high quality and cutting edge solutions to its customers. To promote the launch of the online shop, a special 20% discount is available with the promo code LAUNCH20 at check-out.   GO TO THE SHOP   Don’t miss the chance of entering the Jekko world: from today on, it is even easier to “feel the Jekko mood”!
JF545 V-Max: Maximum versatility, endless possibilities
With the new V-Max, Jekko paves the way to new applications for its bestselling JF545 model. V for versatility, Max for maximum. Not a pun but the latest proposal by Jekko: the new version of the JF545 articulated crawler crane – flagship of the Treviso-based company – raises the bar of versatile and multitasking machines to the very top with the optional installation of even more tools than the standard version. Discover JF545 VMAX Read the case history   NEW DEDICATED HYDRAULIC LINES MEAN MORE TOOLS The trump card of the new JF545 V-Max is a jib fitting a wide range of tools whose operation require elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket. An additional and independent hydraulic circuit with cooling radiator prevents oil overheating during operation and keeps a constant temperature even during intensive hydraulic use. This innovative and unequalled solution ensures a more effective and professional exploitation of the tools.   ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF THE JF545 MODEL The V-Max version features all the characteristics of the JF545 standard model, highly appreciated by the sector insiders: endless stabilization configurations, compact size for maximum accessibility in confined spaces, great lifting capacity (15.5 t) combined with outstanding reach (28 m), elevated maximum operating height (30 m), triple articulated boom (when jib is installed), removable counterweight, precise and smooth operation for the most delicate tasks. The use of all the options available for the JF545 is still possible: the work platform and the man basket, the vacuum manipulator for glazed panes and the winch, among many others.   COMPETITIVE EDGE The operator of a JF545 V-Max can choose from a wide range of applications. The standard model is already strongly versatile and it easily adapts to manifold operational environments but the V-Max version allows for even more vast and varied applications: from its traditional use in constructions, industry, logistics and handling or laying in confined spaces to more innovative uses with the grapple saw such as in green areas maintenance. “The JF545 V-Max has a huge potential and we believe it will be a very catchy solution for both our established customers and new buyers. We’re already receiving many requests – remarks Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Export Manager. – While developing this version, we’ve been inspired by the concept of multi-tool machine, extremely versatile, professional and suitable to be used with many different tools still being user-friendly. In short, a perfect mate for no matter what daily challenge!”
Jekko and the 2000th crane: many happy returns!
In  2020, a difficult year under many aspects, Jekko has reached a double milestone: at JDL exhibition in France the company delivered to French dealer ATN Platforms its 2000th crane, exactly 20 years after its first mini crane prototype. It has been 20 years since Jekko developed the first model of a mini crane in 2000. From that moment on, the Treviso-based company has always been betting and investing in new models and new lifting solutions, supported and rewarded by a growing interest coming from the market, gaining an important place among the most relevant mini crane producers worldwide. It is worth to mention that the 2000th unit is new SPX650 model, the latest machine launched last July during a live streaming presentation. This mini crane embodies cutting-edge technical solutions and innovations and has already drawn the attention of the experts, promising to become a flagship model of Jekko range. The 2000th crane was delivered to ATN Platforms, which recently took the place of Fassi France and is new Jekko dealer in the French market. JDL exhibition was therefore the perfect setting for a symbolic delivery of the machine, sealing a new relationship which has already started in the best way possible. “We are so glad of having reached this important milestone and delivering our 2000th crane to our French distributor ATN Platforms makes us very proud – comments Mr. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko Export Manager – France is one of the most important markets for us and we have been operating there for 13 years, at first together with Miltra, then with Fassi France and now with ATN Platforms. We would like to thank Mr. Roger Boutonnet, ATN Platforms President, and his son Benoit, who first started the cooperation between Miltra and Jekko in 2007, and also Mr. Gilles Cheval and Mr. Frédéric Leclerc. Without their precious support we wouldn’t be where we are today”.
ATN Platforms and Jekko at JDL exhibition
The long wait is over: JDL exhibition, the annual trade fair dedicated to handling, lifting, transporting and elevation of people, is confirmed and will take place from 9th to 11th September in Beaune, France. ATN Platforms, who was recently designated Jekko’s official importer in France, will also take part in the event and at its stand (#A6) will showcase two of the most important models of Jekko range: the already known and appreciated SPX532 and the new SPX650, the latter on display for the first time after the official streaming presentation last July. Lights will be pointed on SPX650, the new 5 ton mini crane with a maximum reachable height of 23.5 m (with jib) which embodies many state-of-the-art innovations and the most advanced technical solutions already successfully applied in the SPX532 and SPX1280 models: cutting edge stabilisation and hydraulic systems, new hydraulic jib and runner jib, a lithium battery power supply and a handy radio remote control. The crane features also other important functionalities such as the possibility of working either with hook or winch, the extendable tracks, the availability of pick & carry mode and the telemetry system J-Connect. The SPX650 model on display is particularly important for Jekko, since it will actually be the 2000th crane produced by the company, exactly 20 years after the very first unit. The crane will be delivered to ATN Platforms, to seal a relationship which has already started on the right foot.
SPX650: all the cranes you need
The new multifaceted mini crane by Jekko has finally arrived and was officially presented on 30th July with a live streaming event. Jekko has welcomed the latest addition to its range, SPX650, the 5 ton mini crane with a maximum reachable height of 23.5 m (with jib) which embodies many state-of-the-art innovations and promises to become a flagship model of the Treviso-based company. Thanks to the experience gained over the last two years with SPX532 and SPX1280, Jekko could concentrate in one machine the best features and the most advanced technical solutions already successfully applied in the two best-selling models. Discover SPX650   SPX650 boasts cutting edge stabilisation and hydraulic systems, new hydraulic jib and runner jib (with plug & play attachment), a lithium battery power supply and a handy radio remote control. Besides that, the crane features other important functionalities such as the possibility of working either with hook or winch, the extendable tracks, the availability of pick & carry mode and the telemetry system J-Connect. And all this without neglecting the design and quality materials, with a close attention to detail. “The idea behind new SPX650 comes from the market needs. – explains Mr. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko Export Sales Manager – Our customers were looking for medium size mini crane, with a length of the boom over 20 m and a very good lifting capacity. Operators were asking for a crane that can work both indoor and outdoor, suitable in many job sites: glazing, curtain walls  installation, steel erection, industrial maintenance. So we analysed both what the competition was offering and our own range, and the result is SPX650”.