A crane designed to last is the result of careful material selection and meticulous manufacturing processes. To ensure the highest standards of strength and durability, Jekko internally produces all of its structural frameworks using high-strength steel sourced exclusively from Europe.

The production process begins with the longitudinal welding of the boom, carried out by a state-of-the-art automatic system. Components are then joined together using micro-welding seams executed by a team of expert welders. Subsequently, the assembly undergoes welding in one of three robotic plants equipped with advanced joint-finding software. The process concludes at finishing stations where welders complete the final welding and remove any processing residues, preparing the component for the painting phase.

It’s now the time for the welded products to undergo anti-corrosion treatments and final painting by the expert hand of VP Verniciatura, Jekko’s longstanding partner. The process starts with mechanical pretreatment through an automatic sandblasting machine, followed by nanotechnological chemical pretreatment to protect metal surfaces from oxidation. After the pretreatment phases, the booms are ready for the powder coating. The paint is applied with an electrostatic system to minimize product loss and emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This ensures a complete coverage of every detail with excellent aesthetics. The powders are QUALICOAT Class 2 approved, guaranteeing superior durability and resistance.
The choice of painting system is made during the design phase based on environmental corrosivity category, required durability, and material type.

The collaboration between Jekko and VP Verniciatura is characterized by an integrated approach to quality. Dedicated quality controls occur at the end of each production phase; welding technologies range from visual inspection by technicians to laser instrumentation or other internally designed tools at Jekko. For painting, quality inspections include visual verification, gloss-meter, thickness gauge, impact tester, and Cross Hatch Tester, according to ISO 12944-2 standards. This ensures durability for up to 10 years and resistance to salt spray of 750 hours, achieving a corrosion resistance class of C4h certified by QualiSteelCoat.

This synergy doesn’t only enhance the overall quality of the final product but also represents a joint commitment to innovation and sustainability in production processes. Combining Jekko‘s experience in structural framework production and VP Verniciatura‘s expertise in anti-corrosion treatments and industrial painting demonstrates that collaboration and excellence are essential to achieving outstanding results in the sector. Together, Jekko and VP Verniciatura offer a product that combines structural robustness with high-quality aesthetic finishes, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.