Handling of drill pipes during high-altitude operations - Jekko

Handling of drill pipes during high-altitude operations

High-altitude operations
High-altitude operations Italia

Selected for its particular reliability, the Jekko JF40 mini crane was disassembled and transported by helicopter before being reassembled at the building site in the Reggiano Apennines, for work at a very important historic site, in very close proximity to a museum that remained open throughout the process.

Work was required given that the entire rock formation structure on which the castle remains rest was crumbling and tending to slide on a deep stratum, which would compromise the integrity of the site in the long term. Micropiles needed to be inserted at the top to anchor the two layers of solid rock, the work carried out in an extremely restricted space and with the museum open. This meant minimising noise and dust and carefully analysing every detail of site organisation.

The JF40 proved the ideal solution in this case, considering that the machine can also be powered electrically, for an almost non-existent noise impact.