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Recovery of an articulated truck after an accident

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Unitec Spezialtransporte GmbH
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Along the A44, in the vicinity of Bad Sassendorf, in Germany, an articulated vehicle loaded with agricultural produce such as fruit and flowers has lost control and has been involved in a road accident. After crashing into the guardrail on the road side, the vehicle overturned into the bordering field.

The recovery of heavy goods vehicles, such as an articulated truck, is a fairly complex operation since it involves vehicles having large mass and weight and requiring special equipment. In this case, Unitec Spezialtransporte GmbH responded to the call with suitable machinery, among which a Jekko JF990.

The JF990 is the most powerful articulated crawler crane in the Jekko catalogue featuring a 21-ton maximum lifting capacity. The crane had no problem in comfortably crawling on muddy ground, getting near the tipped vehicle and exploit its capacity to the utmost.

After unloading the vehicle and fastening the lifting cables, the truck was quickly positioned on its wheels and made ready to be removed. The use of a twosome of cranes – the JF990 paired with a heavy crane truck – was crucial to evenly distribute the hauling power along the entire length of the articulated vehicle, ensuring a well-balanced lifting and avoiding dangerous jerks. This delicate phase required the salvage crew to be precise and skilled to operate in full safety.

After an overall inspection, the vehicle was connected to the tow truck and removed successfully. The competence and skills showed by Unitec-Spezialtrasporte in handling the Jekko JF990 allowed for a quick and precise recovery.