Roof repait on a building in central London - Jekko

Roof repait on a building in central London

Limited access areas
JT Cranes
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“The SPK60 is the versatile mini-crane that was missing from the market.”

In the last year, the UK company, JT Cranes, has purchased two SPK60 cranes.
“A versatile and flexible machine with countless advantages that is unrivalled on the market. This crane makes seemingly impossible jobs, possible.”

The first to appreciate the features of the innovative SPK60 was the UK company, JT Cranes, which purchased two of these machines within a year.  Established in 1981, JT Cranes is a family business based in Bedfordshire. Since 2006 it has specialised in the rental and sale of versatile mini-cranes, and in 2015 it become the sole UK Distributor for Jekko.

“We have brought the SPK60 to our company because it is undoubtedly the most versatile and advanced machine in its category, and no other similar crane on the market is equipped with such excellent flexibility,” explains Russ Taylor, managing director of JT Cranes. “The first SPK60 was purchased as a demo machine and we quickly sold it to a new customer.  Not long after, we purchased another one to keep in our rental fleet.

There are many reasons why this mini-crane is so special and unique: “The SPK60 has a number of advantages over its competitors,” continues Taylor, “it is extremely well designed in terms of operator comfort; it has a much higher lifting capacity than the others, both in pick&carry mode and static mode; its numerous accessories adapt easily to the various handling solutions; it has the unique ability to be able to work with an electric motor and this is very useful in enclosed spaces, and also in areas where emission restrictions are in place.”

These and other advantages have led the tracked picker version of the SPK60 to be used to repair a roof next to Buckingham Palace. “The location represented a real challenge, which the SPK60 was able to overcome: the space was limited and there was a need not to make too much noise. The limited weight of this machine, its compact size and above all its excellent lifting capacity, made it an excellent choice for this type of work.”

The possibility of uses on the market seem to be endless. “The market is proving to love the SPK60,” continues the managing director of JT Cranes.  “We are seeing that many jobs which were previously considered impossible or too difficult can now be carried out thanks to the versatility of this machine.  The market loves the SPK60! Its versatility allows performing jobs that were once considered impossible or extremely problematic.