Mini crane for the glass panel handling

Mini-cranes designed to operate in confined and small spaces. Easy to transport and manoeuvre, they can work on slopes, stairs, passageways and hard-to-reach places.

For the handling of glass the Minigru Jekko are used in the following sectors

Mini gru per la movimentazione del vetro


The use of vacuum lifters for glass fitted on manipulators (integrated with our mini-cranes) or on hook lifts, allow our mini-cranes to install glass facades on buildings, homes and skyscrapers. Where requested, we handle glass panes and non-porous materials, especially in small spaces.

SKILLS: Manipulators, Hook vacuum lifters, radio remote control, maximum sensitivity

Mini gru per la movimentazione del vetro


Mini-cranes used to install glass facades on external walls of skyscrapers of any height. This is made possible by being able to reach the upper floors of skyscrapers with the help of service lifts, tower cranes or truck cranes. In this case, our mini-cranes use a winch with cantilever arm. The operator is able to work via radio remote control on the lower levels, installing the cells in complete safety. This mini-crane saves time and money compared to larger cranes.

SKILLS: Use of winch, remote radio control, anti-tilt system

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