Most important applications for Jekko Cranes

Glazing Works

The use of vacuum lifters for glass fitted on manipulators (integrated with our mini-cranes) or on hook lifts, allow our mini-cranes to install glass facades on buildings, homes and skyscrapers. Where requested, we handle glass panes and non-porous materials, especially in small spaces.

Working on Skyscrapers

Mini-cranes used to install glass facades on external walls of skyscrapers of any height. This is made possible by being able to reach the upper floors of skyscrapers with the help of service lifts, tower cranes or truck cranes. In this case, our mini-cranes use a winch with cantilever arm. The operator is able to work via radio remote control on the lower levels, installing the panels in complete safety. This mini-crane saves time and money compared to larger cranes.

Rooftop Work

Lightweight mini-cranes can be positioned on top of roofs and ceilings to lift material from the ground. This is made possible by the low ground pressure exerted by the tracks and by the use of platforms to distribute the load through the stabilisers.

Steel Construction

Jekko mini-cranes can be used to assemble and lift steel structures both inside and outside small and large facilities. The Pick & Carry system in some models is particularly appreciated by operators.

Civil Engineering and Major Projects

The flexibility, lightness and adaptability of Jekko minicranes allows performing any type of civil construction work: airports, large construction sites, mines, railways, stadiums, public works.

Residential Construction

The Jekko mini-cranes are compact and easy to handle, allowing them to work inside residential buildings and to pass through doors without difficulty. The use of electric or battery-powered motors allows the machines to be used in enclosed environments where emissions are not permitted.

Timber Frame Erection

Suitable for the construction of wooden buildings of any size. It can operate from the majority of load-bearing ceilings and can lift wooden beams of any size. An intelligent solution for the installation of prefabricated and modular homes.

Stonework and Monuments

The small size of the Jekko mini-cranes allows working in narrow passages typical of museums, churches, and cemeteries for the installation of gravestones, garden stones or stone monuments.

Industrial Maintenance (Plant, Factory & Automotive)

Mini-cranes can be used in industrial maintenance for all kinds of lifting and materials handling, thanks to the Pick & Carry function, and also for the maintenance of equipment in production lines, car manufacturers, chemical plants and factories. They can also be used indoors thanks to battery-powered or electric motors.

Electric & Nuclear Power Plants

Specific works that require high standards of precision, lightness and manoeuvrability such as those guaranteed by the Jekko mini-cranes. Our mini-cranes with battery powered (standard or lithium) or electric single-phase or three-phase electric motors allow working inside plants in “eco mode,” which is fundamental in these industries.

Confined Areas

Mini-cranes are designed to operate in confined and small spaces. Easy to transport and manoeuvre, they can work on slopes, stairs, passageways and hard-to-reach places. The geometric stability system (electronic LMI) allows unrivalled stability and flexibility.

Shopping Centres

The mini-cranes are used in shopping centres for the installation of display panels, signs, shop windows and other applications that require quick and space-saving interventions.

Galleries & Museums

The manoeuvrability and precision of our cranes makes them suitable for light tasks that require delicate handling, such as the movement of art works inside and outside museums and other buildings.


Mini-cranes used for railway maintenance and laying of railway tracks and for road works. The “Virtual Wall” function is crucial as it allows operating perimeters to be defined, beyond which the crane cannot go, for example, to limit impact on railway operations.

Underground, Tunnels & Mining

The compactness of the Jekko mini-cranes and their easy transportability and handling allows them to work inside underground tunnels, subways, sewers and electric lines where space is limited.

Marine, Ports & Harbours

Jekko mini-cranes are used in ports, coastal facilities and shipyards, as well as on board ships, for various lifting and maintenance activities.

Aviation Industry & Airports

Maintenance for the fitting-out and replacing of components on helicopters, aeroplanes and aircrafts in general. The Jekko mini-cranes can work easily inside aviation facilities.


The compact size of the Jekko mini-cranes makes them ideal for use with military helicopters, even in remote locations and under any condition. Their reliability and safety also allow them to be used in military factories for the production or maintenance of military machinery and vehicles.

Oil & Gas

Speed, adaptability and flexibility of use makes the Jekko mini-cranes the best choice for the oil and gas industry. The ATEX versions allow working on platforms in complete safety.


Jekko mini-cranes are not only suitable for working inside confined spaces in buildings, but also outside for delicate movements, maintenance and operations that require flexibility, speed and compactness.

Landscaping & Horticulture

Jekko mini-cranes can also be used in greenhouses and gardens for pruning and maintaining small, medium and large shrubberies and bushes.

Swimming Pools and Parks

Jekko machines are used for the construction and maintenance of indoor or outdoor swimming pools and water parks. They are easy to set up and move around, making them highly, efficient and fast working.

Easy Moving: Through Doors, Up Elevators

Jekko mini-cranes can pass through any space: elevators, building doors or wall openings, subway tunnels or construction sites. There is a solution for every passageway or width.

History & Heritage

Jekko mini-cranes are ideal for delicate operations: in historical centres with narrow alleys, or in ancient churches where artworks need to be moved or maintained.

Working with Man-Basket

The versatility of the Jekko mini-cranes allow them to be used, where permitted by the regulations, with accessories such as man-baskets to work on streetlights, upper floors, billboards, trees and terraces.

Jekko Tools

Accessories for lifting and handling glass panes, pipes and other products. This family includes battery-powered or hydraulic manipulators, vacuum lifters for handling glass, manipulators for pipes and beams, and other specific tools and accessories such as sling bars.

Other Applications

Jekko mini-cranes are able to perform the most spectacular and special jobs, such as installations in cinemas, theatres, concert halls and public arenas, as well as more delicate operations. Jekko has developed cranes to solve the handling challenges of all kinds of niche applications.

Customised Solutions

Special solutions and applications created specifically to meet the needs of customers and for the application in which the Jekko mini-cranes are working.

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