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Jekko: fifth year running of growth
In 2023 the company confirms the positive trend driven by the Operations Division   Year over year Jekko is conquering the status of cutting-edge player in the crane and minicrane sector. In late 2023 the company reports a + sign for the fifth time in a row, which shows an exponential growth and places Jekko among the leading operators in the Italian and international industrial landscape. This success comes from a farsighted planning whose backbone is the evolution of the Operations Division, the real engine of this relentless growth. ALL THE FIGURES OF 2023 After boosting constant development and ongoing high quality to meet the customers’ ever-growing requirements, Jekko’s main challenge aimed to preserve its superior standards despite the massive growth of volumes produced. This was only possible by investing time and care in the Operations Division. Nowadays Operations gathers five crucial activities for our corporate ecosystem: Planning, Purchases, Supply Chain, Production welding dept., Production assembly dept.. 75% of the Jekko staff out of 200 employees work for this division, twice as much over the previous years due to a sharp change in the workflow: the company migrated from work cell production to linear production, which greatly contributed to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the Jekko minicranes. It is no coincidence that about 600 units have been manufactured and sold during year 2023, reporting an increase by 20% in terms of quantity over 2022 (500 units produced) and by 50% over 2021 (400 units). Another element that accounts for this sudden growth is the large extension undergone by our headquarters – from 10,000 to 30,000 square metres – and additional extension works will start in early 2024, among which a new vertical storage warehouse exceeding 25 metres in length that will ensure in-house supply processing as well as optimum material management. A QUALITY YEAR Process standardization and staff advanced training, integrated in a progressive assembly line, have contributed to elevate Jekko’s production standards. As a direct consequence, a Quality Control Dept. was established in 2021 as part of the Operations Divisions but it has now become and independent unit with a dedicated team of four professionals backed by a Product Manager. A strategic step stressing even more Jekko’s commitment in offering impeccable quality. THE TARGETS FOR 2024 “Ongoing improvement towards operating excellence, sustainable growth and constant innovation: 2024 promises to be a crucial year for Jekko’s consolidation. The collaboration between the Operations Division and the Quality Control Dept. is going to be increasingly closer by means of stricter controls during both product acceptance and the product outgoing phase. Our future target is to ensure that all products perfectly meet our company’s strict quality standards in every single detail”, maintains Mauro Tonon, Operations Director at Jekko. “But there’s more: the project to build a new and more modern office block is under way that will strengthen the image of our evolving brand and will offer proper spaces to growth, customers and suppliers.” With careful planning, the target is now at hand: Jekko is and will be a reference point for the market and a model of sustainable improvement for the entire crane and minicrane sector.   THE OPERATIONS TEAM Mauro Tonon Operations Director   Damiano Dal Cin Plant Manager – Assembly Dept. Alan Rover Plant Manager – Steel Dept.   Alessandro Cattai Planning Manager         Andrea Garoffolo Supply Chain Manager         Federico De Stefani Purchasing Manager         Production team Supervisors From top left: Fabjan Saraci, Ivan Filippetto, Damiano Dal Cin, Michael Perin, Giulia Pusiol From bottom left: Paolo Zanchetta, Armin Isic, Marco Paulon, Matteo Visentin, Massimo Perin, Fabrizio Balbinot (not in the picture Aldo Xheka, Francesco Diliso).
Jekko participates in GIS 2023
GIS – Italian Lifting and Transports Days 2023 is the trade fair to be held from 5 to 7 October 2023 in Piacenza and which will see Jekko once again among its exhibitors. The mini crane manufacturer will attend and exhibit its models at booth nr. N137, measuring 391 m2 and located in the outdoor area. The models on display will be the SPX telescopic mini cranes in lithium-ion battery versions: SPX328, the latest model launched on the market by Jekko, present in two models, equipped respectively with electric jib and runner jib SPX532 equipped with hydraulic jib SPX650 equipped with hydraulic jib The JF line of tracked articulated mini cranes will be presented: JF235, one of the latest models launched on the market, equipped with jib JF545 equipped with jib and two-seater basket JF990, the largest of all Jekko mini cranes For the Accessories line, finally, the 5-10-20 tonne lifting beams will be on display, used for industrial handling and lifting of manufactured goods, they can extend telescopically. The Minipicker line, as in the last edition, will be on display at the stand of LEVO S.r.l., Jekko’s official distributor for this range, present at the fair at stand L93-M97 in the outdoor area. Here MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display.
Jekko will attend the 10th edition of APEX
Another important trade fair event for Jekko, which from 6 to 8 June will be taking part, together with more than 150 exhibitors, in the tenth edition of APEX, held at the MECC trade fair complex in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The 120 m2 of stand no. 640, located in the indoor exhibition area, will host the following Jekko models: Mini cranes from the SPX line will be showcased in an electric-powered version with: SPX328 a crane with a maximum capacity of 2800kg launched on the market last October with its completely revolutionary user interface on a 10” touch screen. SPX532 and SPX650 of a larger size and now established as flagship products, with a maximum capacity of 3200kg and 5000kg. For the minipickers range, the MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display. Respectively, the two mini-pickers with a maximum capacity of 600 and 900 kg, which can be used both as a crane with hook and glass robot thanks to the manipulator with vacuum pads. The JVM800 will not be missing from the Accessories line. This is the glass manipulator with a maximum capacity of 800 kg, which can be installed on any type of crane and is equipped with an independent radio control for maneuvering. Throughout the three days of the fair, the Jekko team will be at disposal to introduce customers to the best innovations applied to the mini cranes and advise on the most suitable options.      
New Austrian dealer for Jekko: Kogler Krantechnik becomes official dealer
Jekko is glad to announce that Kogler Krantechnik has become the new official dealer of the Jekko products in Austria. Kogler Krantechnik has several decades of experience as cutting-edge supplier of crane trucks able to meet their customers’ requests for high-quality and performing products. For those customers asking for a timely and precise service, Kogler relies on a network of service centres and highly-specialized technicians. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Sales Director, remarks: “Kogler is popular in Austria for being customer-oriented, for their wise sales advice and for the top-tier after sale service supplied by technicians specialized in the lifting equipment world.  Working with this company has therefore been a simple and obvious choice since Kogler shares all the crucial aspects of Jekko’s philosophy in supplying the customers with the best all-round working experience, from the purchase of a minicrane, through its on-site use, to the after sales service.  In addition, Jekko Deutschland, a company owned by Jekko, will set up a solid collaboration with Kogler in order to promote exchanges and relationships in different markets that share the same language and the same needs.” Ewald Rescher, Kogler Krantechnik’s Sales Director, adds: “For over 50 years we’ve been trying our best to meet our customers’ needs for crane trucks. On-site requirements have changed and evolved over time, and special applications have increasingly emerged that underline the limits of crane trucks in terms of accessibility, flexibility and transportability.  Jekko Cranes produces equipment that satisfies all these demands and offers a wide range of products to perform all these difficult tasks. We’re very proud to be part of the Jekko dealers’ network and feel confident that together we’ll capture the Austrian minicrane market.”
Empire Cranes is Jekko’s new official subdealer in the US
Empire Cranes – a company with many years of experience in the lifting business – is Jekko’s new official subdealer in the US for the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachussetts, Vermont, New Hempshire and Maine. The company supplies the entire Jekko product range in association with Fascan Int., Jekko’s official dealer all over the USA. Empire Cranes’ owners Luke and Paul Lonergan have greatly welcomed this Italian brand in their machine fleet, which already includes a wide range of quality machinery for lifting purposes such as earth moving cranes, trucks, crane trucks and much more. That’s how Jekko USA has commented on the news: “We’re proud to greet Empire Cranes and their more than twenty-year experience within Jekko’s dealer network in the United States. We hope for a long-lasting and profitable business relation.” Paul Lonergan, president of Empire Cranes, has stated that “Empire Cranes is proud to be a dealer of Jekko mini cranes along with Jekko USA.” Jonathan Shufelt, sales representative of Empire Cranes, has added: “For their reduced size and very good loading capacity, Jekko mini cranes are an excellent addition to what Empire Cranes can offer the American companies.” This new collaboration will help Empire Cranes and Jekko USA further expand their Jekko minicrane distribution network on the American market.
Jekko intensifies its presence in South America
New collaboration with FA.RO. Italian Technology Jekko is pleased to announce the collaboration with FA.RO. Italian Technology, a company that represents Italian enterprises producing machinery, accessories and innovative technologies for the construction, mining and agricultural industries in the Latin American Market. FA.RO. has extensive experience in the Markets of Central and South America and Caribbean Islands in whose countries it is active with offices in the most important cities, and counts on a vast network of contacts in constant development. Jekko, already present in the Latin American Market for 15 years, wants to strengthen its presence and create an even more widespread network in a fast-growing market, which is why FA.RO. Italian Technology becomes Jekko’s official representative for all LATAM countries except Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, already followed respectively by the Official Dealers Sitsa, Guindaste Aranha, Manger and BH Maquinarias.
Nuremberg 12th to 15th July 2022 – FENSTERBAU FRONTALE
Fensterbau Frontale is scheduled for July and Jekko won’t miss the chance after exhibiting in 2018. Taking part in this show is a not-to-be-missed showcase for the products dedicated to the glass sector. Jekko will be an exhibitor in hall 4A-317 with a 73-sqm stand and will put on display an electric-powered SPX532 equipped with a JVM800 vacuum manipulator for glass panes, an MPK06 minipicker and the new entry MPK10 – both fitted with vacuum manipulators for glass panes – as well as the JVL450 and JVL600 vacuum lifters with their dedicated trolley for laying-up and transport. All these models and their tools are the company’s flagship products dedicated to the glass pane handling and fitting sector. The Treviso-based company offers a wide range of machinery designed for glass pane fitting. Minicranes and minipickers have reduced weight and compact dimensions, are easy to transport and stabilize, and can be fitted and integrated with a glass pane manipulator or a vacuum lifter to become machines ideal to operate in confined spaces and in the top floors of a building. The minicranes used in the construction of skyscrapers are an example. These cranes can operate and be stabilized on the top floors so that glass facade fitting at lower floors is fast and simple. Glass panes can even be lifted from the ground floor up to the floor where they’re needed by means of a radio remote controlled winch. On the other hand, minipickers have a right/left turret rotation of at least +/- 9° making them the sole pick&carry lifters that – when equipped with a 360° continuous rotation, tilt and swing glass manipulator – can drive through narrow places with a panel placed on their side keeping it within the crane loading gauge. Glass pane fitting is controlled via a wire control or a radio control. These machines can be fitted with tools such as hydraulic or electric manipulators or vacuum lifters for glass pane handling. Battery-powered hydraulic manipulators are used for an accurate fitting of glass panes and are faster and more effective of vacuum lifters since they’re radio remote controlled by an operator, can move in all four directions and can also tilt and rotate for a precise and careful positioning of the glass panes. Vacuum lifters are used with any crane fitted with a hookblock lifting system to move glass panes in a fast and safe way. Here follow the main characteristics of the products that will be on display at the show. Characteristics of the SPX532 minicrane Max capacity: 3200 kg Lithium-ion battery-powered Hookblock or rope operating mode Can work in pick&carry mode 45° extensible tracks 1,250 possible stabilization configurations Characteristics of the MPK06 minipicker Max capacity: 600 kg Lead-acid battery-powered JVM06 manipulator (600-kg max capacity) Manipulator continuous rotation, tilt and swing +/- 10° turret rotation Wire control on board Characteristics of the MPK10 minipicker Max capacity: 990 kg Lead-acid battery-powered JVM10 manipulator (990-kg max capacity) Can be equipped with JVM06 manipulator Manipulator continuous rotation, tilt and swing +/- 9° turret rotation Wire control on board ad optional radio control Characteristics of the JVM800 glass manipulator Max capacity: 800 kg Battery-powered Suction cups: 4 + 2 + 2 100% integrated with Jekko minicranes and software Dedicated remote control Can be installed on any crane Characteristics of the JVL600 vacuum lifter Max capacity: 600 kg Battery-powered Suction cups: 4 + 2 Hook operating mode Dedicated remote control
BAUMA 2022: Jekko and the new addition to its range between innovation and sustainability
Jekko s.r.l., Italian manufacturer of minicranes and accessories for hoisting and handling operations, will be an exhibitor at the 33rd Bauma show. After the great success gathered in 2019, Jekko won’t miss out on Bauma 2022, which will take place in Munich on October 24th through 30th. For this show, Jekko focuses on innovation and progress, two crucial values for the challenges the company has decided to tackle in the current years in order to strengthen its position as sector leading player. As a matter of fact, innovation has always been in Jekko’s DNA, a dynamic reality offering the quality and the performance that only Made-in-Italy products can give. This is the reason why the Treviso-based company has decided to take part again in this international show: to officially unveil its new products and its green initiatives. In fact, the visitors at Bauma will have the chance to see Jekko’s new entries on display and much more. Our exhibition space (outdoor area FS, booth 903/6) will spread out on a 512-sqm surface that will be set up with 5 containers in line to result into a two-floor structure housing offices for meetings, a hospitality zone and a reception-living area where customers and dealers will be greeted. The containers that will be used have been salvaged and refurbished on purpose for this show and will be later installed in our headquarters in Italy and destined to become a new customer training area thus sticking to our corporate sustainability scheme, developed in 2021 and implemented since January 2022. “Consolidation is this year’s keyword”, says Alberto Franceschini, Sales Director of Jekko. “We’ve built up such a know-how and have now reached the corporate maturity to put on display all of our complete ranges in the 3×4 format, that is all of our product lines – SPX, JF and MPK – each standardised in 4 models each”. NEW PRODUCTS User-friendly, electric and bi-energy models Jekko’s machines on display at Bauma are designed and developed to be user-friendly, that is easy to use and to understand, suitable to be used by both beginner and skilled operators. The entire Jekko range can always be operated in electric mode as all the machines on display at Bauma will show: the SPX minicrane line is powered by lithium-ion batteries, the MPK minipicker range has acid-lead batteries while the JF articulated crawler cranes are bi-energy machines combining a diesel engine with an electric motor. MINICRANES – SPX After years of study and design, the Treviso-based company is ready to unveil its flagship model for the 2022 show, the SPX328. This crawler minicrane stands in the category that can easily drive through standard doorways, having a width, when closed, lower than 80 cm. Weighing 2,300kg, featuring a maximum load capacity of 2,800kg, maximum working height with main boom of 10.5 m, maximum height with jib of 12.8 m, with dimensions of 2.95 m, this machine is 2.95-m long, 1.61-m high and 73-cm wide. It is powered by lithium-ion batteries and it’s a model easy to configure and operate for its user-friendly radio control and its interactive display featuring a revolutionary user interface new to the minicrane sector. 3 electric SPX328 cranes with different configurations will be on display at Bauma. This crane is designed in such a way that all tools and parts needed for operation are available on board, in a position that allows the operators to install and remove them with no need of help. It’s a complete range of tools: outriggers mats, hook, single-line hook block, four-line hook block, runner jib, all can be easily transported along with the machine and available for the operator anywhere. ARTICULATED CRAWLER CRANES – JF The JF articulated crawler crane series includes the JF365, JF545, and JF990 models and welcomes the JF235 new entry. It’s the smallest bi-energy powered model of the range: 4.74-m long, 1.6-m wide and 2.6-m high. It features a main boom and a jib, each with 4 extensions, and delivers the same performance of the larger JF models, lifting up to 6.150 kg and reaching as far as 15 m high. The new JF235 has a radio control and an interactive control panle that make it very similar to the SPX328 to handle and operate. The user-friendly concept is extended to this model, which is equipped with the same Graphic User Interface of the SPX328. This interface makes it easy to configure the crane parameters before starting operation while the radio control creates a smooth working experience for the operator. MINIPICKERS – MPK On the wave of the sales success the MPK06 model had after being unveiled at Bauma 2019, Jekko now presents the new MPK10 solution, a minipicker measuring 2.280 x 955 x 1.500 mm, weighing 1045 kg, having a maximum capacity of 990 kg, a maximum height of 4.5 m and a 3.5-m reach. This machine is fitted with a radio control and a glass pane manipulator, and features the hallmark of the MPK06, the sole pick&carry crane with a rotating main column. The MPK10 has a +/-9° rotation and a 990-kg lifting capacity. The MPK10 has 4 24V-155Ah lead-acid rechargeable batteries that power the electrohydraulic unit controlling the crane handling, the electrical actuators for the manipulator and the electric rotation motors for travel. The user-friendly radio control has coloured icons that associate the single control to the machine function it operates. This minipicker is also fitted with a JVM10 vacuum manipulator for glass panes delivering a maximum capacity of 990 kg, and having a 360° continuous rotation, +/-40° swinging and -45°/+90° tilting. This model can also be equipped with a second 600-kg load capacity manipulator (JVM06). During Bauma, the MPK10 will be sided by the MPK20R. The MPK20 model is part of Jekko’s history, mainly for the sector of glass pane installation. Produced since 2005 and a bestseller for over 10 years, now it gives way to the MPK20R. 1,955 kg in weight, 2-ton maximum capacity, 6.5-m maximum reach in height, 2,390 x 1,510 x 880-mm in size and powered by 2 lead-acid batteries, this new minipicker shares nothing with the MPK20. The design has been modified and standardized with models MPK06 and MPK10. From a technological point of view, the improvements are outstanding: the major innovations are the turret rotating +/-6° on both sides and the possible installation of the 600-kg JVM06 and 990-kg JVM10 glass manipulators. The front drive has 2 independent motors. It is equipped with a front twin wheel for increased stability on off-road grounds. Last but not least, the main boom features a manual extension in addition to two hydraulic extensions in order to hoist as much as 500 kg at a maximum reachable height of almost 7 m. VACUUMS AND TOOLS Jekko has always paid special attention to the tools complementing its machines in order to reach as many application fields and sectors as possible. The tools on display at Bauma will be the following: JVL450 and JLV600 vacuum lifters Battery suction cups delivering a maximum lifting capacity of 450 and 600 kg, respectively. Operated by an independent radio control, they can be used with any machine fitted with a hook lifting system. JVM800 universal manipulator This independent glass pane manipulator with an 800-kg maximum lifting capacity performs 3 movements: -/+45° swinging, -45°/+91° tilting and 360° rotation. It comes with batteries and radio control, and it adapts to any machines of the Jekko range as well as to any other crane model. JIB500GR Beam Manipulator This hydraulic manipulator for IPE has a 500-kg lifting capacity, -57°/+65 tilting and 360° rotation. It can be used on models SPX532 and SPX650. JLB 5/10/20 Lifting Beams The Jekko lifting beam range includes 5-, 10- and 20-ton capacity models with side telescopic extension for increased versatility of operation. Fitted with several lifting points and ideal to even out the weights loaded on the crane. GREEN INITIATIVES AND CORPORATE WELFARE We’re as focused on developing new products as we are on improving our company’s organization and management. In fact, Jekko has decided not only to evolve for what concerns its product range but also in terms of initiatives on sustainability and environment. GREEN INITIATIVES The first target Jekko has set is to become a plastic free company, reducing as much as possible, if not totally eliminating, disposable plastic from any corporate application. The second target is to be as paper free as possible, reducing printing while promoting digital files, using tablets to streamline production operation management and reusing waste paper. The company’s environmental project consists in adopting approx. 20,000 bees that have found their home in the vast corporate green area. This decision aimed at protecting these insects crucial for the ecosystem and at taking the first step towards the compensation of the greenhouse gases produced. CORPORATE WELFARE The corporate welfare initiatives implemented by Jekko for its employees are oriented to improve the quality of their private and working life. The welfare programme of the Treviso-based company promotes the gradual inclusion of the new human resources into the corporate environment. Each new employee will be paired with a tutor who, in the first period, will show them the company structure and the people who are part of it in order to draw a detailed picture of the working environment the new colleague will be part of. The company also meets the needs of its employees by defining new working modes. This is the reason why smart working is available for those who ask for it: they will have the right to a certain number of work-from-home days to self-manage according to the corporate needs. For long absences from work, the company has organized reintegration days allowing the person who was absent for a long time to catch up with the past and ongoing activities without any disadvantage. Another major service the company gives its employees is the canteen.  Jekko has two lunch rooms where a catering service always offers quality meals including a first course, a second course, vegetables and a dessert. These dishes are made up of fresh and in-season produce mainly cooked on the spot (only some pre-cooked) that promote healthy eating. The canteen is a very good option for Jekko’s employees, who reduce commuting and lunch time having their meal in the company’s headquarters. Jekko also makes use of the Welfare platform that offers its employees several benefits such as purchase, food and fuel vouchers, reductions on medical expenses, education fees and travels, and much more thus promoting the individual wellness even outside the working environment. SOCIAL AWARENESS As for social awareness initiatives, Jekko has joined projects such as the collection of plastic bottle tops for the charity Associazione Via di Natale, that provides facilities and hospitality to the patients of the (Oncology Reference Centre) in Aviano and their families. Jekko also is a sponsor to the Benetton Rugby Treviso team with the aim at supporting and promoting local sports and the importance of physical exercise as good habits. Jekko is a young, ever-evolving company whose daily commitment is devoted to the development of new ideas and projects. The initiatives undertaken this year are just some of all those the company will carry out over time keeping pace with the corporate growth.   JEKKO S.R.L. – COMPANY PROFILE Jekko s.r.l. is the leading Italian manufacturer of minicranes and the third global producer in the lifting and handling sector. The company is headquartered in the province of Treviso, at the foothills of the Venetian Prealps, on an industrial estate of over 27,300 sqm – 10,700 of which are indoors – and has approx. 140 employees. The entire range of Jekko products is exported and traded across the five continents by a network of over 35 official dealers worldwide. History The Jekko product range was developed in the late 1990s as a response to orders for special machines and at a time when the company was starting producing the first minicranes. In 2007 the Jekko Minicrane brand was registered and a dedicated production site was opened. The company Jekko s.r.l. was established in 2016. Designing, Research and development Jekko’s technical department consists of a team of engineers using state-of-the-art designing and simulation tools to develop machines, systems and control solutions certified according to ISO9001:2015 quality procedures. The designing process of our machines also focuses on the production phase, on modularity, interchangeable parts and interchangeable subassemblies to reduce assembly time and improve flexibility. Production The production flow depends on a very accurate planning process supported by a Material Requirement Planning software system. Jekko’s activity is carried out in 2 plants: one where structural metalwork is made and welded, and another for assembly. In this latter, 5 production lines manufacture cranes depending on their dimensions and type, and according to the lean production concept with the aim of eliminating waste, creating a non-stop flow and reducing non-compliant products as much as possible to achieve ongoing improvement. Safety and Regulations The designing and manufacturing of Jekko machines adopt criteria and measures that comply with the essential safety requirements set out in the standards indicated on the CE certificate and in particular in the EN 13000 standard. The machines are supplied CE-marked when required by the market. This marking ensures the machines meet the EU’s requirements applicable to this category of machinery. For extra-EU markets Jekko products comply with all regulations in force. In compliance with these safety rules in force the machines are provided with emergency devices. These must be operated to reduce stopping time when the usual stop procedure would not enable actual or impending danger to the operator or to people in the danger area to be alerted. After-sales service The leading driver of a cutting-edge machinery manufacturer is no doubt Service, which often plays a crucial role in the choice of a machine. From maintenance to on-site assistance, from the online spares management to updated manuals and, above all, to the specialized technical training of our dealers, the after-sales service is JEKKO’s greatest strength.
MPK10, the new Jekko 990-kg Minipicker
Featuring the same engaging design of the MPK06 but boasting a higher capacity, the new MPK10 model has been most recently introduced in Jekko’s minipicker range. This model derives its concept from the MPK06 but pairs it with a maximum safe working load of 990 kg. It is designed and developed to make the operator’s work easier and better in terms of quality and in different fields of application much beyond glazed pane handling and including constructions and building, industrial maintenance and any sector where a compact and performing solution is needed. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS The MPK10 has 4 24V-155Ah rechargeable batteries that power the electrohydraulic unit controlling the crane handling, the electrical actuators for the manipulator and the electric rotation motors for travel. This crane offers the advantage of a noiseless zero-emission motor when working indoors. The MPK10 weighs approx. 970 kg and can add removable counterweights to reach a final weight of 1200 kg. Some European countries don’t require any crane licence provided that the machine capacity doesn’t exceed 1 ton; for its reduced size and low weight, the MPK10 can be transported on a regular van whose mass is lower than 3,500 kg or on a rear trailer. This minipicker can be used with a hook or with a JVM10 vacuum manipulator for glazed panes fitted with 6 suction cups powered by a dual vacuum system, and delivers a maximum capacity of 990 kg. In addition to these tools, the crane can also be equipped with a second manipulator (600-kg load capacity) that optimises the total weight and increases both reach and maximum capacity.               CONTROLS Travel is controlled by the rear drawbar, which moves the machine on a 2.38-m bending radius, and by the wired control hooked to the machine and operating the turret, the arm and the manipulator. A major characteristic introduced by the MPK10 is the optional radio-remote control in addition to the standard wired control. The radio-remote control features 6 independent and touch-proportional functions. The controls are divided into two groups of 3 buttons each, controlling the machine and the manipulator respectively. The radio-remote control has a great edge over the wired control since it operates the machine from any angle regardless of the minipicker position.