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Bagant Ecuatoriana is Jekko’s new dealer in Ecuador
Jekko unveils its most recent collaboration with Bagant Ecuatoriana: the company has undersigned a dealership agreement for Ecuador via the broker Fa.Ro. Italian Technology, that supported both firms in finalizing this deal promising to bring innovation and excellence to the South American country. The decision to start this collaboration comes from a careful research on the Ecuadorian territory aimed to spot consolidated firms enjoying a strong market positioning, a widespread network and a professionally skilled expert team. Bagant Ecuatoriana stood out in this scenario as the ideal partner to Jekko. Boasting two well-managed rental and sales lines, and offering world-renowned brands in the building, mining and special project sectors, Bagant has been a reference provider for the Ecuadorian market for over 40 years now. Fernando De Sucre, Sales Manager of Bagant, thinks that Bagant, Fa.Ro. and Jekko share the same founding values and a customer-oriented vision. “Our concurrence of ideas focuses on improving efficiency and on the ongoing upgrade of our customers’ processes, supplying them with the ideal tools to reach these targets. Bragant has seized the opportunity to grow as a cutting-edge and visionary player on the lifting market in Ecuador. This collaboration is a blend of synergies that will promote business growth and will effectively improve our customers’ experience during their operations.” Alberto Franceschini, Sales & Marketing Director of Jekko, remarks the fundamentals of this collaboration and underlines that it is a further step forward in the process of Jekko’s internationalization. “Despite the internal security issues that have recently affected a seemingly small market, we strongly believe that people make a difference. We’ve joined the leading local business in the lifting sector without hesitation since we’re attracted by the managerial and organizational approach of Fernando De Sucre and his team.” “We’re sure we’ve chosen the ideal partner for the Ecuadorian market, a constantly-growing company boasting a 40-year experience and having a product-oriented vision to develop cutting-edge machinery. Our technician and sales team will back Bagant in training their staff and develop the product on their market, aiming at an exponential growth in Ecuador in the years to come,” says Fabio Roscini, CEO of Fa.Ro. Italian Technology.
Foster Cranes is Jekko’s new exclusive dealer in the UK
The English company selected as exclusive dealer for the UK   Jekko’s trade partnership network keeps expanding all over the worldwide markets. On February 6th, 2024 the company from the Veneto region has officially announced that Foster Cranes has become its exclusive dealer for the United Kingdom, which confirms the corporate commitment to be present worldwide with a country-after-country conquering strategy. This choice is in the wake of what Jekko has done over the last year: a significant growth towards the foreign markets and a technological proposal that amazes both dealers and professionals in the load lifting sector.   Jekko has chosen Foster Cranes as its exclusive dealer for the UK market because this company is a strategic, consolidated and well-known presence, boasting expertise in technological evolution and undergoing a refurbishment process to higher standards of machinery. All this is confirmed by Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Sales and Marketing Director: “Year 2024 is going to bring great changes for Jekko, mainly in terms of products and of dealer network organisation. We’re penetrating several new markets and reorganising others where we’ve been operating for several years now. Our products – in the past years dedicated to advanced operators – have been completely renewed to become extremely user-friendly and to offer a more accessible experience to a larger number of operators. As an example, the SPX328, the entire SPX range as well as the MPK and the JF product families have undergone an innovation phase inspired by this philosophy. As a consequence, the market approach has also been upgraded: the UK plays for Jekko a strategic role therefore we strongly believe that the choice of Foster Cranes will bring about excellent results.”   Andrew Foster, MD of Foster Cranes, responds to the new partnership with the following remark: “This is an exciting moment for Foster Cranes, for our customers and, in our opinion, for the UK’s crane rental sector due to our new partnership as exclusive dealer of Jekko in the UK. Having worked side by side with our customers in the compact crane market over the last 5 years, we’ve witnessed a revolution in the way these cranes can be used. Now we look forward to working with our present customers and with the UK’s entire crane market to show what Jekko’s incredibly innovative products can do. Not only does Jekko produce machines unrivalled on the market, but the company also offers a top-quality technical service: the versatile philosophy with which Jekko has built its activity confirms it as an outstanding crane maker all over the world. We’re looking forward to demonstrating how good the Jekko product range is and just how we can support our customers moving forward.”   Who are Foster Cranes? With the largest stock of used mobile cranes in the UK, Foster Cranes has the people and products to ensure your company invest in the right crane for your business. Foster Cranes specialises in the sales, service and support of your crane fleet with a team of ever-present experts that are an integral extension of your business to suggest you the best choice of Jekko products.
Jekko unveils JF235: the mini crane featuring a revolutionary potential
Jekko confirms its pioneering spirit in the world of lifting equipment by launching on the market what promises to be a real technological revolution, the JF235. The chain link between truck cranes and minicranes, the JF235 adds to the prestigious series of Jekko’s articulated crawler cranes JF365, JF990 and JF545 (of which it is an evolution) but it’s the smallest model of the range, yet the richest in new features.   The quintessence of power and versatility Despite her compact size (4.74 m in length, 1.6 m in width and 2.6 m in height), the JF235 is a force of nature. Fitted with a 4-extension main boom and a 4-extension jib, it lifts up to 6,150 kg and reaches a maximum height of 15 m with the main boom and 25 m with its jib. The JF235 exceeds the expectations with a performance that compares the one of larger cranes and is the ideal ally for industrial maintenance, installation of glazed windows and doors, building applications as well as new applications such as in the forest sector.   Innovative features: here’s what’s new   1. Improved design The JF235 sets the bar higher in comparison with the JF545. The counterweight, previously located externally on the rear of the crane, is now built in the frame in order to eliminate the space occupied by the rotating turret at the back of the machine. This model is fitted with 4 independent stabilizers directly controlled from the remote. Each stabilizer is equipped with a double extension and can rotate by 0° to 45°. The stability level is calculated automatically and displayed both on the remote control and on the onboard screen. Result? Maximum stability and total safety at all times.   2. Bi-energy power The JF235 features a Euro 5 1.5-l Diesel engine with an intelligent electronic system that adapts the revolutions to the requirements of the hydraulic system: this ensures very low consumption while the 52-l tank allows for long operation times. Moreover, the cable-powered 13.5-kW electric power pack will let you operate in full electrical mode in indoor locations – such as industrial facilities – and public places.   3. A new user interface The user interface of the JF235 is designed to render the machine’s operational and technical information in a simple and user-friendly way. For this reason, the data concerning stability, crane, engine and diagnostics are displayed on a 7-inch water- and dust-proof touch screen where everything can be managed at the touch of a finger.   4. The electro-hydraulic system This cutting-edge model introduces a concept of technology that paves new ways in the lifting sector. The modular hydraulic pump, for example, has an optimized control of both oil pressure and capacity, which ensures maximum precision combined with utmost speed. In pair with this latter is the independent cooling system, an electric cooler that keeps the oil operating temperature at approx. 40°, thus extending the machine performance and duty cycle. The entire system is designed and developed 100% by Jekko with the aim to set a new and unmatched quality standard.   5. The accessories The JF235 can be used with a wide variety of accessories and this makes it an extremely versatile crane. In addition to the hook, the 1.5-ton rope winch and the 2-ton hydraulic jib, several mechanical extensions, lattice jibs and manipulators such as the JVM800 can be installed. You can also use external hydraulic accessories – powered by two dedicated lines – such as rotors, clamps, chain saws and many others. Last but not least, the machine is certified for the use of man baskets, available in different models depending on the capacity and movements required.   A small technological revolution is under way Jekko has enhanced and optimized compact truck cranes in one go, proving that size doesn’t jeopardize power and versatility: quite the opposite, they exalt it! The innovative managing system of the JF235 is already paving the way to the production of new compact cranes and its use will be extended to the next JF models in order to revolutionize the sector standard. Signed by Jekko!
Alessio Forcolin: New Sales Area Manager for the Spanish market
Jekko is glad to announce that Alessio Forcolin has been appointed as new Sales Area Manager for the Spanish market. Alessio has been working with Jekko for five years now and boasts a work experience in the lifting equipment sector. The experience developed at Jekko – where he already held the position of Domestic Sales Manager, expanding the Italian market and managing other European areas – has highlighted him as the ideal chain link to further strengthen the company’s connection with the Spanish dealer Transgruas. Transgruas is now a consolidated partner to Jekko and offers a backing service in the trade development on the Spanish market. With 45 years of experience and operating sites all over the Iberian territory, Transgruas also is the official dealer of other well-known brands in the lifting equipment world. Alessio Forcolin comments: “I’m very satisfied with this opportunity. The Spanish market is very similar to the Italian one in terms of customers and volumes, and I’m quite certain that the experience I’ve developed in Italy will help me with this new chance. The cultural closeness of the two markets will be the key to confirm our leadership in Spain, exploiting the vast experience of our partner Transgruas, a long-time and extensive dealer with highly qualified personnel!” “Our choice is coherent with the journey undertaken with mutual consent, which plans to develop in the international market the competences and commercial skills Alessio has acquired on the domestic sector”, adds Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Sales & Marketing Director. “Moreover, Spain is one of the 3 main European marketplaces for Jekko, considering the outstanding results reported in 2023. Alessio’s main aim is to consolidate Jekko’s presence in the Iberian Peninsula but also to further strengthen the excellent results obtained with Transgruas”. Alessio Forcolin and Ian Trenzano (Transgruas) at SMOPYC 2023
Jekko: fifth year running of growth
In 2023 the company confirms the positive trend driven by the Operations Division   Year over year Jekko is conquering the status of cutting-edge player in the crane and minicrane sector. In late 2023 the company reports a + sign for the fifth time in a row, which shows an exponential growth and places Jekko among the leading operators in the Italian and international industrial landscape. This success comes from a farsighted planning whose backbone is the evolution of the Operations Division, the real engine of this relentless growth. ALL THE FIGURES OF 2023 After boosting constant development and ongoing high quality to meet the customers’ ever-growing requirements, Jekko’s main challenge aimed to preserve its superior standards despite the massive growth of volumes produced. This was only possible by investing time and care in the Operations Division. Nowadays Operations gathers five crucial activities for our corporate ecosystem: Planning, Purchases, Supply Chain, Production welding dept., Production assembly dept.. 75% of the Jekko staff out of 200 employees work for this division, twice as much over the previous years due to a sharp change in the workflow: the company migrated from work cell production to linear production, which greatly contributed to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the Jekko minicranes. It is no coincidence that about 600 units have been manufactured and sold during year 2023, reporting an increase by 20% in terms of quantity over 2022 (500 units produced) and by 50% over 2021 (400 units). Another element that accounts for this sudden growth is the large extension undergone by our headquarters – from 10,000 to 30,000 square metres – and additional extension works will start in early 2024, among which a new vertical storage warehouse exceeding 25 metres in length that will ensure in-house supply processing as well as optimum material management. A QUALITY YEAR Process standardization and staff advanced training, integrated in a progressive assembly line, have contributed to elevate Jekko’s production standards. As a direct consequence, a Quality Control Dept. was established in 2021 as part of the Operations Divisions but it has now become and independent unit with a dedicated team of four professionals backed by a Product Manager. A strategic step stressing even more Jekko’s commitment in offering impeccable quality. THE TARGETS FOR 2024 “Ongoing improvement towards operating excellence, sustainable growth and constant innovation: 2024 promises to be a crucial year for Jekko’s consolidation. The collaboration between the Operations Division and the Quality Control Dept. is going to be increasingly closer by means of stricter controls during both product acceptance and the product outgoing phase. Our future target is to ensure that all products perfectly meet our company’s strict quality standards in every single detail”, maintains Mauro Tonon, Operations Director at Jekko. “But there’s more: the project to build a new and more modern office block is under way that will strengthen the image of our evolving brand and will offer proper spaces to growth, customers and suppliers.” With careful planning, the target is now at hand: Jekko is and will be a reference point for the market and a model of sustainable improvement for the entire crane and minicrane sector.   THE OPERATIONS TEAM Mauro Tonon Operations Director   Damiano Dal Cin Plant Manager – Assembly Dept. Alan Rover Plant Manager – Steel Dept.   Alessandro Cattai Planning Manager         Andrea Garoffolo Supply Chain Manager         Federico De Stefani Purchasing Manager         Production team Supervisors From top left: Fabjan Saraci, Ivan Filippetto, Damiano Dal Cin, Michael Perin, Giulia Pusiol From bottom left: Paolo Zanchetta, Armin Isic, Marco Paulon, Matteo Visentin, Massimo Perin, Fabrizio Balbinot (not in the picture Aldo Xheka, Francesco Diliso).
Jekko participates in GIS 2023
GIS – Italian Lifting and Transports Days 2023 is the trade fair to be held from 5 to 7 October 2023 in Piacenza and which will see Jekko once again among its exhibitors. The mini crane manufacturer will attend and exhibit its models at booth nr. N137, measuring 391 m2 and located in the outdoor area. The models on display will be the SPX telescopic mini cranes in lithium-ion battery versions: SPX328, the latest model launched on the market by Jekko, present in two models, equipped respectively with electric jib and runner jib SPX532 equipped with hydraulic jib SPX650 equipped with hydraulic jib The JF line of tracked articulated mini cranes will be presented: JF235, one of the latest models launched on the market, equipped with jib JF545 equipped with jib and two-seater basket JF990, the largest of all Jekko mini cranes For the Accessories line, finally, the 5-10-20 tonne lifting beams will be on display, used for industrial handling and lifting of manufactured goods, they can extend telescopically. The Minipicker line, as in the last edition, will be on display at the stand of LEVO S.r.l., Jekko’s official distributor for this range, present at the fair at stand L93-M97 in the outdoor area. Here MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display.
Jekko will attend the 10th edition of APEX
Another important trade fair event for Jekko, which from 6 to 8 June will be taking part, together with more than 150 exhibitors, in the tenth edition of APEX, held at the MECC trade fair complex in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The 120 m2 of stand no. 640, located in the indoor exhibition area, will host the following Jekko models: Mini cranes from the SPX line will be showcased in an electric-powered version with: SPX328 a crane with a maximum capacity of 2800kg launched on the market last October with its completely revolutionary user interface on a 10” touch screen. SPX532 and SPX650 of a larger size and now established as flagship products, with a maximum capacity of 3200kg and 5000kg. For the minipickers range, the MPK06 and MPK10 will be on display. Respectively, the two mini-pickers with a maximum capacity of 600 and 900 kg, which can be used both as a crane with hook and glass robot thanks to the manipulator with vacuum pads. The JVM800 will not be missing from the Accessories line. This is the glass manipulator with a maximum capacity of 800 kg, which can be installed on any type of crane and is equipped with an independent radio control for maneuvering. Throughout the three days of the fair, the Jekko team will be at disposal to introduce customers to the best innovations applied to the mini cranes and advise on the most suitable options.      
New Austrian dealer for Jekko: Kogler Krantechnik becomes official dealer
Jekko is glad to announce that Kogler Krantechnik has become the new official dealer of the Jekko products in Austria. Kogler Krantechnik has several decades of experience as cutting-edge supplier of crane trucks able to meet their customers’ requests for high-quality and performing products. For those customers asking for a timely and precise service, Kogler relies on a network of service centres and highly-specialized technicians. Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Sales Director, remarks: “Kogler is popular in Austria for being customer-oriented, for their wise sales advice and for the top-tier after sale service supplied by technicians specialized in the lifting equipment world.  Working with this company has therefore been a simple and obvious choice since Kogler shares all the crucial aspects of Jekko’s philosophy in supplying the customers with the best all-round working experience, from the purchase of a minicrane, through its on-site use, to the after sales service.  In addition, Jekko Deutschland, a company owned by Jekko, will set up a solid collaboration with Kogler in order to promote exchanges and relationships in different markets that share the same language and the same needs.” Ewald Rescher, Kogler Krantechnik’s Sales Director, adds: “For over 50 years we’ve been trying our best to meet our customers’ needs for crane trucks. On-site requirements have changed and evolved over time, and special applications have increasingly emerged that underline the limits of crane trucks in terms of accessibility, flexibility and transportability.  Jekko Cranes produces equipment that satisfies all these demands and offers a wide range of products to perform all these difficult tasks. We’re very proud to be part of the Jekko dealers’ network and feel confident that together we’ll capture the Austrian minicrane market.”
Empire Cranes is Jekko’s new official subdealer in the US
Empire Cranes – a company with many years of experience in the lifting business – is Jekko’s new official subdealer in the US for the following states: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachussetts, Vermont, New Hempshire and Maine. The company supplies the entire Jekko product range in association with Fascan Int., Jekko’s official dealer all over the USA. Empire Cranes’ owners Luke and Paul Lonergan have greatly welcomed this Italian brand in their machine fleet, which already includes a wide range of quality machinery for lifting purposes such as earth moving cranes, trucks, crane trucks and much more. That’s how Jekko USA has commented on the news: “We’re proud to greet Empire Cranes and their more than twenty-year experience within Jekko’s dealer network in the United States. We hope for a long-lasting and profitable business relation.” Paul Lonergan, president of Empire Cranes, has stated that “Empire Cranes is proud to be a dealer of Jekko mini cranes along with Jekko USA.” Jonathan Shufelt, sales representative of Empire Cranes, has added: “For their reduced size and very good loading capacity, Jekko mini cranes are an excellent addition to what Empire Cranes can offer the American companies.” This new collaboration will help Empire Cranes and Jekko USA further expand their Jekko minicrane distribution network on the American market.