Bagant Ecuatoriana is Jekko’s new dealer in Ecuador - Jekko

Bagant Ecuatoriana is Jekko’s new dealer in Ecuador


Jekko unveils its most recent collaboration with Bagant Ecuatoriana: the company has undersigned a dealership agreement for Ecuador via the broker Fa.Ro. Italian Technology, that supported both firms in finalizing this deal promising to bring innovation and excellence to the South American country.

The decision to start this collaboration comes from a careful research on the Ecuadorian territory aimed to spot consolidated firms enjoying a strong market positioning, a widespread network and a professionally skilled expert team.

Bagant Ecuatoriana stood out in this scenario as the ideal partner to Jekko. Boasting two well-managed rental and sales lines, and offering world-renowned brands in the building, mining and special project sectors, Bagant has been a reference provider for the Ecuadorian market for over 40 years now.

Fernando De Sucre, Sales Manager of Bagant, thinks that Bagant, Fa.Ro. and Jekko share the same founding values and a customer-oriented vision. “Our concurrence of ideas focuses on improving efficiency and on the ongoing upgrade of our customers’ processes, supplying them with the ideal tools to reach these targets. Bragant has seized the opportunity to grow as a cutting-edge and visionary player on the lifting market in Ecuador. This collaboration is a blend of synergies that will promote business growth and will effectively improve our customers’ experience during their operations.”

Alberto Franceschini, Sales & Marketing Director of Jekko, remarks the fundamentals of this collaboration and underlines that it is a further step forward in the process of Jekko’s internationalization. “Despite the internal security issues that have recently affected a seemingly small market, we strongly believe that people make a difference. We’ve joined the leading local business in the lifting sector without hesitation since we’re attracted by the managerial and organizational approach of Fernando De Sucre and his team.”

“We’re sure we’ve chosen the ideal partner for the Ecuadorian market, a constantly-growing company boasting a 40-year experience and having a product-oriented vision to develop cutting-edge machinery. Our technician and sales team will back Bagant in training their staff and develop the product on their market, aiming at an exponential growth in Ecuador in the years to come,” says Fabio Roscini, CEO of Fa.Ro. Italian Technology.