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Jekko: fifth year running of growth


In 2023 the company confirms the positive trend driven by the Operations Division


Year over year Jekko is conquering the status of cutting-edge player in the crane and minicrane sector. In late 2023 the company reports a + sign for the fifth time in a row, which shows an exponential growth and places Jekko among the leading operators in the Italian and international industrial landscape. This success comes from a farsighted planning whose backbone is the evolution of the Operations Division, the real engine of this relentless growth.


After boosting constant development and ongoing high quality to meet the customers’ ever-growing requirements, Jekko’s main challenge aimed to preserve its superior standards despite the massive growth of volumes produced. This was only possible by investing time and care in the Operations Division.

Nowadays Operations gathers five crucial activities for our corporate ecosystem: Planning, Purchases, Supply Chain, Production welding dept., Production assembly dept.. 75% of the Jekko staff out of 200 employees work for this division, twice as much over the previous years due to a sharp change in the workflow: the company migrated from work cell production to linear production, which greatly contributed to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the Jekko minicranes. It is no coincidence that about 600 units have been manufactured and sold during year 2023, reporting an increase by 20% in terms of quantity over 2022 (500 units produced) and by 50% over 2021 (400 units).

Another element that accounts for this sudden growth is the large extension undergone by our headquarters – from 10,000 to 30,000 square metres – and additional extension works will start in early 2024, among which a new vertical storage warehouse exceeding 25 metres in length that will ensure in-house supply processing as well as optimum material management.


Process standardization and staff advanced training, integrated in a progressive assembly line, have contributed to elevate Jekko’s production standards. As a direct consequence, a Quality Control Dept. was established in 2021 as part of the Operations Divisions but it has now become and independent unit with a dedicated team of four professionals backed by a Product Manager. A strategic step stressing even more Jekko’s commitment in offering impeccable quality.


Ongoing improvement towards operating excellence, sustainable growth and constant innovation: 2024 promises to be a crucial year for Jekko’s consolidation. The collaboration between the Operations Division and the Quality Control Dept. is going to be increasingly closer by means of stricter controls during both product acceptance and the product outgoing phase. Our future target is to ensure that all products perfectly meet our company’s strict quality standards in every single detail”, maintains Mauro Tonon, Operations Director at Jekko. “But there’s more: the project to build a new and more modern office block is under way that will strengthen the image of our evolving brand and will offer proper spaces to growth, customers and suppliers.”

With careful planning, the target is now at hand: Jekko is and will be a reference point for the market and a model of sustainable improvement for the entire crane and minicrane sector.



Mauro Tonon - Operations Director Damiano Dal Cin - Assembly dept. Plant Manager Alan Rover - Steel dept. Plant Manager Alessandro Cattai - Planning Manager
Mauro Tonon

Operations Director


Damiano Dal Cin

Plant Manager – Assembly Dept.

Alan Rover

Plant Manager – Steel Dept.


Alessandro Cattai

Planning Manager



Andrea Garoffolo - Supply Chain Manager


Federico De Stefani - Purchasing Manager


Production team Supervisors

Andrea Garoffolo

Supply Chain Manager





Federico De Stefani

Purchasing Manager





Production team Supervisors

From top left: Fabjan Saraci, Ivan Filippetto, Damiano Dal Cin, Michael Perin, Giulia Pusiol
From bottom left: Paolo Zanchetta, Armin Isic, Marco Paulon, Matteo Visentin, Massimo Perin, Fabrizio Balbinot (not in the picture Aldo Xheka, Francesco Diliso).