Feel The Jekko Mood

Awareness, belonging, identity. These key words depict the global renewal project of Jekko merchandising. We are a leader company in our sector: we boast a distinctive soul and a global presence ready to boost the strength of our brands, the spirit of community and to tell the manifold shades of our unique identity.

This ever-developing project targets ongoing additions to the already rich line of proposals ranging from apparel, accessories and gadgets up to a model crane. We want to share with you our enthusiasm for new challenges and the desire to encompass the Jekko brand in our everyday life.

Beyond the mere concept of product, this merchandising line addresses our vast network of operators, dealers and fans all over the world. Many proposals, many solutions, and a common red thread: the spirit of belonging, the desire to play a major role in being part of Jekko… everywhere, everyday.
Go through our catalogue and feel the Jekko mood!

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