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SPX532: A New Generation of Mini Cranes


With the SPX532, the mini crane is even more intuitive and high performing

Introducing SPX532, the new model of Jekko mini crane that marks a sea change between the old and new design system. A more intuitive, cutting edge and easy to use mini crane

The Jekko mini crane “grows up” and takes a brand new direction in which concepts such as simplicity, immediacy, performance and efficiency come together in the same machine.
We are talking about the new SPX532 – developed by the Italian company, an international leader in the mini crane sector – that incorporates important innovations such as a cutting-edge stabilising system, a sophisticated electronic and hydraulic system, greater ease of use, increased lifting capacity, an updated design and a new and user friendly radio remote control.

The new SPX532 project is the result of having listened to the precise needs of an increasingly large and continuously evolving market, that of special lifting – explains Jekko Export Manager Alberto Franceschini – Our pioneering experience gained over twenty years in the mini crane sector, combined with comprehensive knowledge of the truck-mounted crane sector, has allowed Jekko to develop a product that combines sophisticated solutions used in the world of mobile cranes with the simplicity and sturdiness typical of truck-mounted cranes.
The SPX532 signals a very important change in direction in the design and creation of new products, which will inevitably impact on the development of future products. Machines that are not only innovative and sophisticated as they were in the past, but also easy to use and available to an increasingly wide customer base.

The result is the most intuitive mini crane of all time, able to guarantee high level performance. The largest mini crane in its segment able to pass through a single door, it offers substantial lifting capacity in relation to its weight, dimensions and stabilization area. Important new features include the 1 tonne hydraulic jib, the maximum height of which, at 17.3 metres, can be compared to that of a higher category of crane, and an updated design with more sophisticated and resistant materials, so a column reinforced with two pistons and a sump that are no longer in fibreglass but in steel.


New stability system


The SPX532 stands out for its maximum lifting capacity of 3.2 tonnes. The biggest new feature is the possibility to lift using both the hookblock and hoist method.
The stability system has been updated so that slewing goes from 0° to 90° for each outrigger (previously 0° to 45°); it is also possible to adjust outrigger tilting angle. This allows for more stabilization areas and more work areas, allowing the crane to work in conditions that would never have been possible before, all thanks to a sophisticated yet simple sensor system.


The position of the resting jib is initially found inside the column, the jib easily installed thanks to an innovative hooking system. This means a significant reduction in jib installation and disassembly times. The operator can therefore decide to store the jib in three ways, the jib either at rest on the column, on the ground or resting under the main arm. The first two ways allow the operator to work with the main arm, the last with the jib installed, with the great advantage of not having to put it to rest until the work is finished (as was necessary with the previous versions). Thanks to a double pump, the jib also allows for simultaneous use of both the extension and angle functions, for greater flexibility and precision.

SPX532 jib resting position SPX532 jib installed


<p>The SPX532 is equipped with a <strong>sophisticated hydraulic system</strong> that allows the crane to work with smooth and extremely precise movements. This is possible thanks to the use of the digital hydraulic pump that, together with the control electronics and an intuitive radio remote control, allows for active dynamic control of the crane’s movements, so the customer can select the ideal work method based on site requirements.</p>
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<p>The new <strong>Jekko radio remote control is designed to be user friendly</strong>. All mini crane functions can be activated or deactivated directly via the radio remote control, using selectors that link to intuitive screens. <strong>Four different configurations</strong> can be selected on the radio remote control to facilitate the operator’s work and guide the various operations: pick & carry, crane, outrigger ascent and descent, belts and crossbeam slewing.</p>
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