spider crane jekko
spider crane jekko
Model available with
standard or lithium batteries
Mini crane


5000 kg4475 x 980 x 2020 mm23,6 m20 m

The multifaced 5 ton mini crane which embodies all the latest major innovations engineered by Jekko.

Standard Equipment

All basic equipment of mini cranes Jekko, From applications to accessories placed on all machines

Radio remote-control

Radio remote-control with a made in Jekko software that makes this crane extremely easy to use.

Load Moment Indicator (LMI)

The LMI prevents overload or tipping of the machine.

Extendable Tracks (EXT)

Extending tracks to improve stability and ground clearance.

Hook or Winch Mode

Jib hook mode and winch mode are both possible on main boom or jib.

Pick & Carry (P&C)

The machine can move on its tracks while the load is lifted up.

Double Outrigger Position

Double position of the outrigger

Plug & Play Attachment (PPA)

Once connected, tools are automatically detected by the LMI and loading charts are updated.

Anti To Block (A2B)

This switch prevents the hook from blocking or from being pulled against the boom end.

Single Line Hook

Hook for single line pull of the rope.


To work in winch mode

Outriggers mats

For weight distribution and effective stabilization

Tower Lamp

Tower lights (green/yellow/red) that signal errors and dangers

LED Working Light

Light positioned on the boom for operation at night

Lithium battery powered

For excellent cost performance and usability.


All mini cranes Jekko can be customized depending on the industry for which they should be used.

Hydraulic Jib

Built-in and radio remote controlled hydraulic jib.

Runner Jib

Hook jib

Hydraulic Extra Functions

Hydraulic activation for hydraulic accessories such as jibs and manipulators. It is necessary to deliver oil to the machine boom end.

Pulley Block

Pulley used to configure the different parts of line

Tool Boxes

For storing accessories and work tools

Low Marking White Tracks

Low marking white tracks for indoor operation.

Personalized Colour

Customized paint colour, choice of engine housing/boom or complete crane.

Visual Angle Indicator (VAI)

Working angle indicator, compulsory for North America

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