Articulated Crawler Cranes

JF545 V-Max

15500 kg5,4 x 1,84 x 2,83 m30 m28 m

The trump card of the JF545 V-Max is a jib fitting a wide range of tools whose operation require elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket.

JF545 V-Max
Dimensions 5,4 x 1,84 x 2,83 m
Stabilization Area 6700 x 6700 mm
Weight kg
Crane JF 545 13700
Counterweight 3500
Hookblock / Capacity 15500
Jib JIBL426 1200
Basket 200
Engine KUBOTA V3307-CR-TE4B
Diesel Fuel Yes
Power 55,4kW – 74 Hp
Main Winch 2600 kg                                       60 m – Ø 12 mm                       36.5-47 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 11250 kg
Max Track Load 0,85 kg/cm2
Travel Speed  2,5 km/h
Gradeability  20°

Standard Equipment

All basic equipment of mini cranes Jekko, From applications to accessories placed on all machines

Geometrical stability control

Automatic and variable geometrical stability control with four stability levels


3.5 ton Counterweight

With load bed and automatic dismantling system

Diesel Electronic Engine

Kubota V3307-CR-TE4B - 55.4Kw
Engine Stage V - Tier IV Final

Tool Boxes

For storing accessories and work tools

Steel Tracks

Steel crawlers with two hydraulic engines

Radio Control Display (RCD)

Radio remote control with display showing all the machine information.

Stability Control Indicator (SCI)

It shows the position of each outrigger.


All mini cranes Jekko can be customized depending on the industry for which they should be used.

Other tools

On demand

Mecanil Grapple Saw SG280RC G2

Pinza con sega per tronchi

Mecanil Grapple Saw SG160RC G2

Pinza con sega per tronchi

Electro-hydraulic activation for jib

It is necessary to deliver oil to the machine boom end.

Hook Leveling System

Rope extension adjustment. For main boom and jib.


Software for remote assistance

Winch 2 ton

Winch V20, 2 ton with pulley block for 3 lines, 60m rope

Certification on Man-Basket

Mobile Elevated Work Platform certification

Searcher hook kit

Searcher hook kit for main boom or jib

Manual extension

Manual extension for main boom or jib

Automatic counterweight dismantling

Automatic counterweight dismantling system

Low marking pads

Low marking white tracks pads for indoor operation.

Towing winch

10 ton capacity

Man Basket

2 Men steel basket with gravity levelling and/or mechanic slewing

Hydraulic Jib

Hydraulic luffing jib with link, 3.000 kg SWL, 6 hydraulic extensions

Power Pack

400V or 220V additional electric motor (North America)

Personalized Colour

Customized paint colour, choice of engine housing/boom or complete crane.

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