Mini crane

Telescopic crane, spider crane and mini crawler cranes with outriggers designed for easy transport and utmost handiness. This machine, thanks to its compact size, can work in very different places and confined spaces – slopes, stairs, passageways and difficult-to-reach places – and do not require long set-up: a new and convenient lifting system that ensures savings in terms of time and money as well as elevated safety levels and improved lifting performance.

The advantages of using a spider mini crane and tracked micro crane are different

Each Jekko model is small and can travel through a standard single door or on a lift or elevator hoist, and it can work into confined area.

Some Jekko models of these kind of mini cranes can work in electric modality thanks to the battery that operate in the same way as diesel or petrol cranes.

Jekko is compact and is light weight. They have a low ground load that allows them to be used on any type of floor or ground.

Articulated Crawler Crane

This model combines an articulated truck crane on a self-propelled crawler and it is a glimpse on the future of crawler cranes.

The Jekko articulated crawler crane is a crane that is used in a variety of sectors, from construction to urban areas, and throughout the industrial world.
The uniqueness of this type of crane lies in its exceptional mobility on the road, and its compact dimensions allow it to work in limited working spaces.


The Minipickers are Pick&Carry self-propelled electric cranes powered by a battery and radio-remote controlled. The Pick&Carry mode means that the crane doesn’t need to be stabilized and can move while handling the hoisted load. Suitable for works in warehouses or spaces where access is difficult for other cranes and where handling of heavy loads through doors is required. Minipickers are also used with Jekko hydraulic manipulators or vacuum lifters for handling and laying of glass panes, and their versatility is increased by tools such as winches, jibs, man baskets and lifting beams.

Vacuum & Tools

Lifting and handling tools for glass panes and other materials. This family of products includes hydraulic or battery-powered manipulators, glass robot, glazing machine, glass handler, vacuum lifters for glass-pane handling, grabber manipulators for pipes and beams and other specific tools.

The use of vacuum lifters for glass fitted on manipulators (integrated with our mini-cranes) or on hook lifts, allow our mini-cranes to become a glass robot and install glass facades on buildings, homes and skyscrapers. Where requested, we handle glass panes and non-porous materials, especially in small spaces.