JF990: The crawler crane is even more powerful - Jekko

JF990: The crawler crane is even more powerful


After the successful JF365 a new, more performing model hits the market and offers superior lifting capacity still within the overall dimensions of a “non-oversized” transport.

The crawler crane by Jekko grows up, not in terms of dimensions but rather in performance, capacity and innovation.
After the sales success of models JF545 and JF365, Jekko has once again raised the bar and offers a crawler crane featuring all the characteristics of the F990 by Fassi. That’s how the JF990 has been developed: “a winning bet” as declared by Alberto Franceschini, Export Sales Manager Jekko.

It’s a real evolution of the species where the traditionally compact dimensions (6,75 x 2,14 x 3,45 metres – 265 ¾ x 122 ½ x 84 ¼ ) combine with increased extension capacity (up to 41 metres – 134 ft), very elevated lifting capacity (max 21.500 kg – 47.400 lb) and advantages in transport.


<blockquote><p>“<em>We’ve won the first part of the bet – </em>explains Mr <strong>Franceschini</strong><em> – which consisted in investing in an <strong>innovative</strong> product still not present on the market. We’ve developed a new machine, a stabilized crane truck on tracks that operates as if it was a minicrane. We’ve merged the experience deriving from the JF545 and the JF365 and have therefore responded to the market requirements for more performing yet compact-size machines</em>.</p></blockquote>
<p>When compared to the dimensions of a truck, the JF990 still is a minicrane: <strong>compact</strong>, with <strong>variable stabilization modes</strong> and a dual engine, <strong>Diesel </strong>and <strong>electric</strong>. But above all it can reach 41 metres (134 ft) in height when using the hydraulic jib and three manual extensions or 38 metres (125 ft) with an operator basket, which means it can work where a truck cannot reach.</p>
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<p><strong>MULTIPLE OPERATING MODES</strong></p>
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• Overall dimensions: 6,75 x 2,14 x 3,45 metres (265 ¾ x 122 ½ x 84 ¼)
• Max SWL: 21,5 ton (47.400 lb)
• Stability area: 8,5 x 8,5 metres (28 x 28 ft)
• Weight: 21.800 kg (48.061 lb) + 1.680 kg (3.704 lb) jib + 2,1 ton (4.630 lb) standard counterweight and 3 ton (6.612 lb) extra counterweight
• Engine: Deutz 55 kW (Stage V, Tier 4) electronic Diesel + 13.5 kW three-phase motor
• Max height (with Jib): 41 metres (134 ft)
• Max reach (with Jib): 38 metres (125 ft)
• Rotation: 360° continuous





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