Jekko unveils JF545 V-Max, versatility turned into a machine - Jekko

Jekko unveils JF545 V-Max, versatility turned into a machine


With the new V-Max, Jekko paves the way to new applications for its bestselling JF545 model.

V for versatility, Max for maximum. Not a pun but the latest proposal by Jekko: the new version of the JF545 articulated crawler crane – flagship of the Treviso-based company – raises the bar of versatile and multitasking machines to the very top with the optional installation of even more tools than the standard version.

The trump card of the new JF545 V-Max is a jib fitting a wide range of tools whose operation require elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket. An additional and independent hydraulic circuit with cooling radiator prevents oil overheating during operation and keeps a constant temperature even during intensive hydraulic use. This innovative and unequalled solution ensures a more effective and professional exploitation of the tools.


The V-Max version features all the characteristics of the JF545 standard model, highly appreciated by the sector insiders: endless stabilization configurations, compact size for maximum accessibility in confined spaces, great lifting capacity (15.5 t) combined with outstanding reach (28 m), elevated maximum operating height (30 m), triple articulated boom (when jib is installed), removable counterweight, precise and smooth operation for the most delicate tasks. The use of all the options available for the JF545 is still possible: the work platform and the man basket, the vacuum manipulator for glazed panes and the winch, among many others.


The operator of a JF545 V-Max can choose from a wide range of applications. The standard model is already strongly versatile and it easily adapts to manifold operational environments but the V-Max version allows for even more vast and varied applications: from its traditional use in constructions, industry, logistics and handling or laying in confined spaces to more innovative uses with the grapple saw such as in green areas maintenance.

“The JF545 V-Max has a huge potential and we believe it will be a very catchy solution for both our established customers and new buyers. We’re already receiving many requests – remarks Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Export Manager. – While developing this version, we’ve been inspired by the concept of multi-tool machine, extremely versatile, professional and suitable to be used with many different tools still being user-friendly. In short, a perfect mate for no matter what daily challenge!”



A new approach to green space management with the JF545 V-Max and the grapple saw

The Bologna-based company Bendini Autotrasporti, long-time customer of Jekko, has carried out a preview test of the new JF545 V-Max model fitted with a grapple saw for pruning activities and for cleaning up a river bed from a log jam.

Who said pruning must be complex and dangerous and requires several machines and operators? One of the new tools for the JF545 V-Max is the felling head made of a saw and a grabber, a new revolutionary solution for the tree care industry.

Let’s try to fully understand the pioneering extent of this new tool by explaining how pruning and felling activities are currently carried out. “Pruning can be usually made in two ways. The first mode calls for the use of a selflevelling platform or a crane with basket to lift the operator at the required height. He will then use a chainsaw but a second crane will grab the cut branch or log and will rest it on the ground. This procedure needs two machines. On the other hand, treeclimbing is also viable despite the possible hazards for the operator’s safety: a harnessed operator ascends the tree and carries out the cuts with a chainsaw. A crane is still needed to handle the cut pieces,” explains Emanuele Bendini, Bendini Autotrasporti. It is to be noted that the machines used – usually crane trucks or truck-mounted platforms – are bulky, difficult to control, heavy and often cannot get near enough the places where the intervention is needed, especially in urban environment, requiring for this reason a very wide reach.

The new application offered by Jekko easily overcomes all these issues. First of all you can cut, rest on the ground and sort the branches or trunks using a single tool and, as a consequence, a single machine and a single operator. The JF545 V-Max has compact dimensions and therefore reaches in very confined and narrow spaces getting as near as possible to the work area: “We can work with even higher safety and precision margins because the boom reach isn’t exploited in full” explains Mr Bendini. Moreover this model has minimally invasive operations, which is a crucial aspect when working for example in private gardens. Anyhow safety is one of the major features of this innovative machine: with a JF545 V-Max the operator can radio remote control both the crane and the grapple saw from a safe distance and with a broader view, and he won’t have to get harnessed, climb trees and try to avoid falling branches. This is a real turning point for a sector accounting for numberless, even fatal, accidents worldwide every year.

But there are more advantages to the JF545 V-Max. “This version is an evolution of the multiple functions featured by the JF545. In addition to the grapple saw for controlled felling, the crane can fit a man basket or a selflevelling platform, can work in traditional mode with a hook or winch, both with the main boom or the jib. A single machine will carry out many different types of interventions in endless application fields. Once the pruning/felling work is done, the grapple saw can be easily detached and a regular JF545 will be ready for industrial and civilian works all year round. Versatility is no doubt the strength point of this machine!” stresses Mr Bendini.

“The JF545 V-Max with grapple saw is ideal for those operators who’ve so far carried out green area management works in a traditional way, running unnecessary risks in the use of machines, people and treeclimbing activities. Several markets have already expressed their interest for this new solution: the United States and Canada as well as European countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Finland, Norway, etc.” closes up Alberto Franceschini, Jekko’s Export Manager.