Another JF545 V-Max reaches the UK - Jekko

Another JF545 V-Max reaches the UK


The UK has recently welcomed another Jekko JF545 V-Max.

The crane has been delivered to Brett Skelton’s Greenworx Ltd, a company offering vegetation clearance services to prevent issues on power lines and public roads.

Model JF545 already is a very performing machine but the upgraded V-Max version is a multi-purpose and multi-tool solution fitted with an additional and independent hydraulic system that allows for the use of the jib with a vast range of remote-controlled tools such as a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket.

“This was an easy sale”, comments Russ Taylor, owner of JT Cranes, Jekko’s UK dealer. “The customer needed a very efficient machine for forest maintenance that would also offer higher performance in confined places and that would be easily transported on their low loader trailer. The JF545 V-Max is the best solution to meet all these requirements at the same time”.

Greenworx Ltd adds: “We’ve been fans of these cranes since the very beginning and we’ve been impressed by their ability to reach confined places and offer several outrigger configurations.
This model has been an inevitable choice: it goes through uneven grounds, it’s a compact crane with an outstanding maximum lifting capacity and it safely clears dangerous trees using a remote-controlled grapple saw from a safe working area without jeopardizing our operators’ safety”.

The JF545 V-Max has unmatched capacity and dimensions”, continues Greenworx Ltd. “Since we’ve started to use this crane, our professional point of view has totally changed. This model offers so many different configurations to streamline our job that, as we explore them all, we can only guess the new chances our activity will have in the future”.

Jekko’s Head of Sales Alberto Franceschini adds: “Model JF545 V-Max is one of Jekko’s flagship products on the market for use in different work environments. It’s efficient and professional yet handy and user-friendly. In addition, this machine turns trimming, pruning and clearing into faster and safer operations without jeopardizing the operator’s safety. The UK has shown vast interest in this model since the very first JF545 V-Max was delivered. We’re really pleased with our dealer JT Cranes: Russ Taylor and his team always do a very good work!”