Mini crane for industrial maintenance

Indoor and outdoor industrial maintenance: shopping malls, ships, museums, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls as well as transports, airports, sports grounds, roads, leisure parks, graveyards, houses, railways, etc.)

Here are some examples of where Jekko minicranes are used

Mini gru per la manutenzione industriale

Industrial Maintenance (Plant, Factory & Automotive)

Mini-cranes can be used for industrial maintenance, from lifting of various materials to their handling, thanks to the Pick & Carry function, and also for the maintenance of equipment in production lines, car manufacturers, chemical plants and factories. They can also be used indoors thanks to battery-powered or electric motors.

SKILLS: Electric/battery-powered motors, Pick & Carry, Use of jib

Mini gru per la manutenzione industriale

Artwork & Museum

The manoeuvrability and precision of our cranes makes them suitable for light tasks that require delicate handling, such as the movement of art works inside and outside museums or buildings.

SKILLS: Electric/Battery-powered motors, Pick & Carry, Radio remote control

Mini gru per la manutenzione industriale


Mini-cranes used for railway maintenance and laying of railway tracks and for road works. The “Virtual Wall” function is fundamental as it allows setting up work areas beyond which the crane cannot go, for example, to prevent the railway line from stopping.

SKILLS: Virtual Wall, Easy moving, Radio remote control

Mini gru Jekko

Aviation industry & Airports

Maintenance for the fitting-out and replacing of components on helicopters, aeroplanes and aircrafts in general. The Jekko mini-cranes can work easily inside aviation facilities.

SKILLS: Full EN13000, Radio remote control, Safety

Mini gru per la manutenzione industriale


The small size of the Jekko mini-cranes allow working in narrow passages typical of museums, churches, and cemeteries for the installation of gravestones, garden stones or stone monuments.

SKILLS: Use of winch, Compactness, Remote Radio Control

Mini gru per la manutenzione industriale

Swimming pool and park

The Jekko machines are used for the construction and maintenance of indoor or outdoor swimming pools, water parks, even large ones. They are easy to handle and move, highly efficient and fast working.

SKILLS: Pick & Carry, Radio Remote Control, Compactness

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