V for versatility, Max for maximum

Jekko raises the bar of versatile and multitasking machines to the very top with the optional installation of even more tools than the standard version still being user-friendly.
In short, a perfect mate for no matter what daily challenge!

The perfect tool for green areas maintenance

Who said pruning must be complex and dangerous and requires several machines and operators? One of the new tools for the JF545 V-Max is the felling head made of a saw and a grabber, a new revolutionary solution for the tree care industry.

You can cut, rest on the ground and sort the branches or trunks using a single tool and, as a consequence, a single machine and a single operator

Sectors and Areas of Application

The operator of a JF545 V-Max
can choose from a wide range of applications.

Landscaping & Horticulture
Landscaping & Horticulture
Residential Construction
Residential Construction
Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
mini crane JF545 vmax
mini crane
Confined Areas

Specific characteristics

Endless stabilization configurations

Compact Size

Great Lifting Capacity

Outstanding Reach

Elevated maximum operating height

Triple articulated boom

Removable counterweight

Precise and smooth

The use of all the options available for the JF545 is still possible: the work platform and the man basket, the vacuum manipulator for glazed panes and the winch, among many others.

New dedicated hydraulic lines mean more tools

The trump card of the new JF545 V-Max is a jib fitting a wide range of tools whose operation require elevated quantity and pressure of oil such as an auger, a grapple saw or a clamshell bucket.


grapple saw

clamshell bucket

An additional and independent hydraulic circuit with cooling radiator prevents oil overheating during operation and keeps a constant temperature even during intensive hydraulic use. This innovative and unequalled solution ensures a more effective and professional exploitation of the tools.

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