The Jekko Group

Jekko is a global leader in the mini crane sector

Jekko is a world leading manufacturer of mini cranes with more than 45 years of experience in the lifting and handling sector. The company is headquartered in the province of Treviso, occupying a 17,000 sq. m. industrial estate – 7,000 of which are indoors. The entire range of Jekko mini cranes is exported and traded all over the world by a network of more than 30 authorised dealers. Our products are engineered to meet our customers’ specific requirements and are designed to operate in narrow places where space is restricted. Depending on the model, their compact size allows passage through a standard or double doorway. But their modest weight and slim dimensions come with no compromise to lifting capacity or working range, resulting in substantial operational benefits both indoors and outdoors.

Jekko offers a complete line of models equipped with diesel engine, electric motor or battery pack and a wide range of attachments including hook or hydraulic jibs, grabber manipulators for pipes and beams, vacuum lifters for glass panes as well as lifting beams. All tools are fully integrated with the functions and safety devices of the base machine. Jekko has always invested in R&D, safety and compliance with all relevant regulations – in particular with the EN 13000 standard – to offer its customers innovative and safe products. Jekko is a young business, supported by a professional technical department, reliable training and after-sales services, and a sales & marketing office covering all international markets.

Specific features


The Jekko mini cranes are safe and technologically advanced; payback on a mini crane is immediate in case of sale and on the short term in case of rental.

Work team

Jekko consists of a young and skilled team whose innovative mindset and bent for ongoing training are one of the company’s flagship assets.

Made in Italy

From designing to assembly, from components to suppliers, our products are 100% made in Italy.

International network

Jekko is present in the Five Continents through a network of over 30 official dealers.

After-sales service

Jekko’s prompt and reliable after-sales service offers an online spares and warranty management and a training-dedicated team for technical courses.


The Jekko products are the most innovative solution possible since it results from research, study and deep knowledge of the market needs.

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Where we want to go
We want to make the lifting machinery world evolve through ongoing technological innovation. We want to handle large loads with small machines.

Mini gru Jekko


What we do
We make it possible to use innovative technologies for materials handling and lifting in narrow and difficult-to-reach places all over the world.

Mini gru Jekko


What we believe in
We target the customer’s satisfaction through a close relationship based on mutual trust and respect: from the active listening of the customer’s requirements to the supplying of a reliable, safe, innovative and high-quality product whose added value in comparison with its competitors is a prompt and accurate after-sales service.

Mini gru Jekko

The history of Jekko

The Jekko product range was developed in the late 1990s as a response to orders for special machines and at a time when the company was starting to produce the first minicranes. In 2006 the Jekko brand was registered and a dedicated production site was opened at the foothill of the Venitian Alps.
  • 1972

    Ormet is founded as a company for the sale and installation of truck cranes and lifting systems for the eco-industry and timber sector.

  • 1999

    Ormet manufactures its first minicrane on request of a glass-pane laying company.

  • 2001

    Ormet designes its first mini crawler crane for this same customer.

  • 2003

    The series production of the SLM650 starts and this model becomes a standard product.

  • 2006

    Ormet registrates the Jekko brand.

  • 2007

    The SPD500 is designed and manufactured: this is the first minicrane equipped with hydraulic boom.

  • 2010

    The SPX1040 and SPX527 models – fitted with the Jemmy innovative interface – are unveiled at the Bauma exhibition.

  • 2013

    Another two new models, SPB209CP and SPX312CP, are unveiled at the Bauma exhibition.

  • 2014

    Presentation of the new SPX1275 at the Conexpo (USA) and of the new SPX424 at the first Dealer Meeting.

  • 2016

    Jekko s.r.l. is established as a company independent of Ormet.

  • 2017

    2nd Dealer Meeting and JF Series presentation

The Company

Behind Jekko, there is the history of Ormet, a company founded in 1972 to sell, install and service truck cranes and loading equipment for the ecological and timber industries.

In 2016 the shareholders of Ormet decided to spin off Jekko into an independent company and the Fassi Group purchased a stake in the company.