Jekko Mini cranes and Glazing Lifting Robot


Jekko Glass Handling Equipment and Glazing Robot

Jekko mini cranes are ideal for all glass-facade installation work on buildings and skyscrapers, handling glass and non-porous materials.
All thanks to the use of hydraulic manipulators or hook vacuum pads integrated with the cranes.

In the wide range of products and accessories dedicated to glass handling we find:

  • glazing robot
  • glass lifting robot
  • glass handling equipment
  • glass lifter

This family includes also manipulators for pipes and beams, and other specific accessories.

Specific accessories for handling and lifting glass and other similar objects, such as marble, are one of the most important ranges of the Italian brand, a leader in the manufacture of mini cranes for a range of sectors.

Vacuum pads for glass or other similar objects can be attached to any equipped machinery. The Vacuum pads are equipped with autonomous controls, integrated battery and safety systems. They allow glass structures and flat sheets to be loaded, lifted and moved quickly and safely.

The different Jekko glass handling equipment

Jekko has a series of glass handling equipment and glazing lifting robot that enable the fast and safe handling of glass structures and flat sheets:


The JVL line is a separate product range. Vacuum pads are in fact equipped with independent controls, built-in battery and safety devices. They are used for fast and safe handling of glass panes and flat panels, even in combination with other machines fitted with ahook lifting system. The models available are: JVL450 (4 in-line + 2 extra suction pads) and JVL600 (4 in-line + 2 extra suction pads)

The JVM800 glass vacuum pads manipulator is equipped with 8 Vacuum pads, is powered by a 24V 14.4 Ah electric battery, and offers the following features: 

  • The JVM800 glass Vacuum pads  in the 8 Vacuum pads version has dimensions of: mm 2900 x 1240 x 1250 mm and can load 800 kg glass. 
  • One of its strengths is that it is a universal glass manipulator that can be used on any crane. 
  • Includes independent radio control and transport tray.

JIB500GR is a manipulator for beams and pipes.

  • The JIB can tilt up to 180°, allowing the operator to position it in the exact position needed.
  • The JIB500GR is powered by the crane hydraulic system and is operated by the crane’s radio remote control.
  • Continuous hydraulic 360° rotation

The use of glass Vacuum pads installed on manipulators on hook lifts allows the Jekko mini cranes to install glass facades on buildings, houses and skyscrapers.
Glass and non-porous materials are moved where required, particularly in small spaces.

One of Jekko’s most important applications concerns work on high-rise buildings, i.e. mini cranes used for handling glass-facades on the outer walls of high-rise buildings of any height. They can be moved to the upper floors of skyscrapers using service lifts, tower cranes or truck cranes. In this case, mini cranes are used by means of a winch with the main jib cantilevered, so that the operator works with the remote control on the lower floor, installing the cells in complete safety. Using a mini crane for this activity means reduced time and costs compared to using larger cranes.