Jekko Mini Crane

Jekko Mini cranes are designed to be transportable and easily manoeuvrable, allowing to operate in the most various places such as slopes, stairs, corridors and other difficult environments. Jekko minicranes are easy to place and do not need long set-up times, therefore these new and user-friendly lifting systems ensure an excellent payback in terms of time and money and ensures a high levels of safety and lifting capacity.

Jekko has a complete range of models equipped with Diesel engine, electric motor or battery and a wide range of manual, hook or hydraulic jib, pipes, bearn and glass manipulators and lifting beards. Jekko mini cranes offer several technological advantages and adopt cutting-edge technical solutions that aren’t easily found in or competitors’ products.

Jekko mini crane is designed to operate in narrow places where little space is available. It can be hired with or without operator and sold directly to a final user.
In detail the reference sectors and applications are:

  • Installation of glazing and curtain walls on buildings and skyscrapers
  • Building works (for housing to large public works)
  •  Indoor and outdoor industrial maintenance (shopping malls, ships, museums, exhibition halls, transports, roads, houses, electrical works, railways, etc).

Why using a Mini crane instead of other simpler, cheaper and easier-to-use machines?

  • A Mini Crane passes where others stop
  • A Mini Crane always reaches near the load to be lifted
  • A Mini Crane has a very high lifting capacity compared to its stabilizing surface
  • A Mini Crane has protected delicate parts such as the cylinders of the pistons
  • A Mini Crane evenly distributes weight on the floor
  • A Mini Crane performs incredibly precise movements
  • A Mini Crane has better reach in case of obstacles
  • A Mini Crane has 3 types of power ideal for any indoor and outdoor working environment

The Jekko minicranes are equipped with the best engines available on the market and manufactured by leading makers: Yamaha, Kubota and Isuzu. The engine type depends on the machine model in order to ensure as low noisiness, vibrations and emissions as possible while offering excellent performance.