Jekko Crawler Crane

Why choose Jekko crawler crane?

Crawler crane is mainly used for heavy lifting, large assembly operations especially in the construction, energy or general maintenance sectors.

The crawler crane is basically a tracked vehicle that has a crane mechanism attached to it. This crane has the capability to work on every type of ground surface, even on the softest grounds, thanks to its specially designed track properties. The metal tracks make the crawler crane very stable on the ground and also provide increased maneuverability on the ground.

Jekko crawler crane is unique in the market for the following features:

  • They can be used in tight spaces
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Easily transportable and manoeuvrable
  • They work in different and even difficult locations
  • Time-saving lifting system

The latest generation of Jekko crawler cranes were created with the aim of bringing what is usually used on trucks to ground level. This means having the potential for accessibility and reduction of space with an important logistical advantage.
A crawler crane can therefore be used in all areas that are not accessible to trucks.

Jekko crawler cranes can be operated by a single operator thanks to the valuable radio control that becomes an extension of the machine.

This type of Jekko crane has several advantages:

  • It can be used in different contexts, especially in confined construction site or industrial areas
  • Crawler crane is ideal for niche sectors that demand high performance and reduced dimensions

Where to use e crawler crane Jekko

The crawler crane can easily be used outdoors as well as indoors. Among the many fields of application in which these particular machines are used are the installation of glass façades on buildings and skyscrapers and the handling of glass and non-porous materials, all thanks to the use of hydraulic manipulators or hook suction cups integrated into the cranes. Building construction, from houses and apartment blocks to large public works and infrastructure. Indoor maintenance (shopping centres, ships, museums, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls) and outdoor maintenance (transport, airports, stadiums, roads, amusement parks, cemeteries, housing, railways, etc.). The mining, oil, nuclear, chemical, drilling and military sectors, specific jobs requiring high standards of precision, lightness and manoeuvrability. Numerous small niche sectors such as film, aerospace, etc.





The Jekko crawler crane is safe and technologically advanced


A mini crane ensures maximum precision and sensitivity during load handling thanks to a proportional multifunction distribution system (L.S.)

Made in Italy

From designing to assembly, from components to suppliers, our products are 100% made in Italy.


Our crawler crane adapt to any type of surface. They have a low ground load that allows them to be used on any type of floor or ground


The Jekko products are the most innovative solution possible since it results from research, study and deep knowledge of the market needs.


Jekko crawler crane is extremely user-friendly. Only 3 steps and the crane is ready to work: start, enter configuration and work