Authorization for the use of corporate video on staff in-house training

Considering the relationship with the undersigned Company ……… and following you express request on the audio and video material on our products, the instructions of use contained therein as well as the use and maintenance manuals of the same products, we hereby give express authorisation to their use in compliance with what provided below.


The audio and video material stated above as well as the manuals concerning the products are and will be property of the Writer, this latter legally holding all rights of use. Therefore you undertake not to question this property or the legal use of the said material by our Company for the entire duration of its use.


The use of the audio and video material will be destined only to in-house training of staff and customer’s end user that – inside your company and without any further use especially outside your company – will be in charge of operating the products supplied by our Company. You also commit yourselves to no further use but for the purposes mentioned above.


You are also expressly forbidden to fully or partially copy the material supplied to you (both audio and video material or manuals on the products), to modify it, even reducing its contents, to lease or sub-licence it to third parties (not even in case these third parties are associated, subsidiary, controlled or parent companies) or to allow use, even if partial, to third parties free of charge or for valuable consideration. You are also forbidden to publish this material in your website or to spread it via other channels – the social media included – in whatever way it might happen.


If necessary, upon our explicit request or in case of transfer of the business relationship, you will be required to return the above mentioned material or, if indicated by us, to destroy it. In this latter case you will be required to inform us by sending us a written declaration confirming the total destruction of the said material.


You will be held directly responsible for any violation to what explained above and for the actions and violations of your employees and/or of any third party you might interact with. As a result of the violation of what provided for herein, you will be required to stop any use of the material object of the violation as well as to erase any unlawful copy without delay.


This authorisation is only given for the free use of the above mentioned material and, as previously indicated, for the sole training of staff dedicated to the use of the products supplied by our Company.


The above has been drawn up in accordance with the Italian law. Any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or the execution of the provisions above will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Treviso.