SPX328 Mini crane - Designed for the future - Jekko
SPX328 Mini crane
Designed for the future, #MadeForLiftingHeroes
SPX328 Mini crane

Compact, powerful and intuitive.

The SPX328 mini crane is cutting-edge technology designed for the crane operator of any skill level.
It offers a new working experience, intuitive, simple and powerful within everyone’s reach.

Main data
Max load
2800 kg
Max height
12.8 (m)
Max radius
10.4 (m)
2950 x 730 x 1610 (mm)
Highest level of control
Endless possibilities in a single touch-screen interface, that can also be operated with work gloves.

Scroll through the pages to discover the many functions available on SPX328’s touchscreen display.

Upgrade your working experience
Real-time load chart

View real-time lifting data on the display, including the max. payload at a certain point, the position of the load and how far you can still go.

Anti-shock function

When picking up the load, prevent the weight from being snatched off the ground.


Just press a button and the machine will auto-level itself at any position it is found.

Tracks kick down

Move the crane the easier way, shifting to the second speed automatically.

Hook recovery system

Secure the pulley block in a firm position while travelling with the crane, preventing it from swinging and bumping.

Jekko Lifting Control

Activate this automatic function while raising and lowering the boom, so the load will remain stable without pitching.

Hook drop down

Store the hook inside the boom without removing it, so you can always be ready to work

Operating video tutorials

Forgot how to do something? Press the ? icon and watch the video instructions

Pump speed control

Adjust the speed of your movements as you need to for the work you are doing

On-board tools

Store all working accessories on board the crane, so you will always find them when you need them

Quality guaranteed

You will work with an ISO3834-certified crane, which boom has been tested for more than 125000 work cycles

Stabilize it as you like

3 rotation angles, 2 articulation angles and 2 extension positions for each outrigger

Lithium-ion battery powered

And you can monitor the charging percentage, the autonomy left and set the energy-saving mode.

Set the working configuration you need

Hook, single, double or 4 lines, runner jib, mechanical or electric jib.

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