Jekko's JF235 Wins MTP Gold Medal in Mini Crane Category - Jekko

Jekko’s JF235 Wins MTP Gold Medal in Mini Crane Category


In a notable achievement, Jekko’s JF235 has been recognized as the winner in the Mini Crane category at the prestigious MTP Gold Medal competition, a highly regarded award presented by Grupa MTP. The GOLD MEDAL has become a distinguished symbol, acknowledging innovation, creativity, and modernity. The competition is open to products and services showcased at trade fair that stand out on the market for their quality, technology, or utility values, setting an example for others.

Jekko’s JF235 represents a true technological revolution, bridging the gap between truck cranes and mini cranes. As the smallest yet most innovation-packed member of Jekko’s JF series, which includes the articulated crawler cranes JF365, JF990, and JF545, JF235 showcases Jekko’s commitment to pioneering advancements in the lifting industry.

A Blend of Power and Agility

Jekko has proven that size does not compromise power and versatility. The innovative management system of the JF235 is already setting the stage for a new era in small compact cranes, extending to upcoming JF models and redefining industry standards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the awarding of Jekko JF235 at the upcoming BUDMA 2024, exhibition that will take place from January 30th in Poznań, Poland.


The 5 Key Innovations

  1. Redesigned Framework: The JF235 introduces a redesigned framework, eliminating rear obstruction during rotation by integrating the counterweight into the frame. With 4 independent outriggers, each featuring double extension and rotation capabilities, the crane ensures maximum stability and safety.
  2. Bi-Energetic Power: Powered by a 1.5-liter Euro 5 diesel engine, intelligently managed to adapt to hydraulic system demands, the JF235 ensures low consumption and extended operational time. Additionally, it features a 13.5 kW electric power pack for fully electric operation in indoor environments.
  3. New User Interface: The JF235 boasts a user-friendly interface, interpreting operational and technical information on a 7-inch touchscreen display. All data, including stability, crane, engine, and diagnostics, is easily controlled  with a single touch.
  4. Electro-Hydraulic System: The crane introduces modular management of the hydraulic pump, ensuring excellent pressure control and oil flow for maximum precision and speed. An independent cooling system maintains operational oil temperature, extending the machine’s performance and duty cycle.
  5. Extra Accessories: The JF235’s versatility is enhanced by its compatibility with a wide range of accessories, including mechanical extensions, manipulators, and various hydraulic accessories. It is also certified for personnel basket use.