Articulated Crawler Cranes Mini spider crane


2500 kg2380 x 780 x 1820 mm8.1 m6.8 m

An extraordinary lifting capacity for a mini crane which is extremely intuitive. Its versatility allows to operate in the most different fields: from glazing to the traditional construction site, the crawler crane JF40 adapts to any situation.

Dimensions 2380 x 780 x 1820 mm
Stabilization Area 4550 x 4550 mm
Weight kg
Crane JF 40 1500
Counterweight /
Hookblock / Capacity  TF0500 12
Jib JIB P 9
Engine YAMAHA MZ 360 Petrol
Power 7,6kW – 10.4 Hp
Main Winch 600 kg                                       36 m – Ø 6 mm                       27-35 m/min
Max Outrigger Load 1530 kg
Max Track Load 0,42 kg/cm2
Travel Speed  2,4 km/h
Gradeability  25°

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