Mini Crane Sales

Jekko, specialists in the sale of mini crane

Jekko specializes in the sale of mini-crane, minipickers, tele-crawler cranes, articulated crawler cranes and vacuum & tools. In particular, Jekko sells mini crawler telescopic cranes with stabilizers capable of working in the most difficult and tough areas. In the sale of mini cranes, Jekko focuses mainly on the building and glass handling industry, for the installation of glass-facades on buildings and skyscrapers, glass handling and non-porous materials. All this thanks to the use of hydraulic manipulators or hook-type suction cups integrated with the Jekko cranes.

Jekko sells mini cranes all over the world

Jekko specializes in the production and sale of mini cranes thanks to 45 years of experience. A sale that is snapping in Italy but above all in the world thanks to a network of well-branched agents and partners across the continents. The advantages of using mini cranes are many, including having a means to pass where others stop and always get close to the load to be lifted. The mini crane is fully radio controlled.

Sale of mini cranes in multiple sectors

Among the other sectors that sell protagonists are Jekko Mini Cranes: Industrial Maintenance, Mining, Oil, Nuclear, Chemical, Perforation and Military.