New SPX328 - Jekko

New SPX328


As the result of years spent in market analysis, research and development, the new SPX328 is a cutting-edge machine that offers a smooth User Experience even for beginners.

With this new model, the Italian company unveils a modern, innovative, convenient and handy product that requires minimum training and guides the operator through the different working phases, streamlining the processes and turning even the most difficult operation into something easy to perform. From stabilization to operation, the operator is easily steered throughout his work. The screen of this model, where the operator is guided step by step to set the parameters of his experience, is the quintessence of the User-Friendly concept. This is the major element of the SPX328, designed and developed for both entry-level operators and skilled users.



The brand-new design of the SPX328 proposes soft and rounded lines yet it holds to Jekko’s typically engaging boxy style.

This is a crawler minicrane stands in the category that can easily drive through standard doorways with a maximum capacity of 2800 kg, powered by LiFe-PO4 210Ah lithium-ion batteries.

SPX328 is the first minicrane worldwide equipped with an electric jib – with a 500-kg maximum lifting capacity



An onboard 10” interactive touchscreen – featuring an IP67 Protection Rating for operation in any yard and in no matter what weather conditions, from low to high temperatures, under the sun and the snow, even when using work gloves – interacts with the crane via the Jekko Touch Experience system, that guides the operator step by step in order to configure the crane before starting operation, and has tutorials that can be watched on the display.

A radio remote control included as standard equipment and the HOOK Recovery system: the automatic block stowing system for multiple pulls.

An advanced radio-remote-controlled self-levelling system levels the crane in an independent way so that it positions correctly no matter how the stabilizers are placed and also on uneven ground.

Another system this model is fitted with is the Kick Down system, that detects the travel operation depending on how the levers are used and allows for a higher speed during drive exceeding the maximum standard speed of the crane.


The SPX328 is the outcome of a know-how developed over years of experience, empathy and attention for the dynamics of the market and its evolution. The world changes and Jekko changes as well, adapting and improving its machines, heading to the future and targeting eco-friendliness.